As I mentioned in my last few blog posts (links below), watching my kids in elite level sports for many years, I’ve seen what a competitive edge delivers. In track, relay runners must pass a baton between each leg of the run. A missed baton pass or an early/late pass can disqualify the entire team. It’s no different for today’s IT decision makers — they must deliver finely–tuned collaboration tools to optimize effective team communication both internally and externally. In the third post of the series, the focus is on how Citrix ShareFile delivers advanced, secure document workflows with built-in feedback, approval, and collaboration features to deliver that extra edge to internal productivity.

Passing the baton is one of the most challenging components for a relay in track. It requires fine-tuned collaboration, because a dropped baton or a delay in the pass means instant disqualification for the team. Like a well-oiled relay team, ShareFile provides a seamless pass when working with secure document workflows with built-in feedback, approval, and collaboration features.

ShareFile supports advanced, secure document workflows with built-in feedback, approval, and collaboration features

Exchanging files is at the core of how things are done in most organizations today. Sending documents internally and externally for approvals and signatures are common when managing contracts, onboarding employees, approving work orders, doing performance reviews, and many other typical business tasks.

Citrix ShareFile is evolving from a basic sync and share tool to a platform that supports all document-centric tasks and workflows required by the modern enterprise. ShareFile’s simple, secure, and seamless workflows enable anytime, anywhere, and any-device access while meeting the organization’s requirements for security, manageability, and compliance. ShareFile provides real-time secure mobile access to critical business information, enabling instant collaboration and increased productivity across distributed teams. Collaboration is built around defined workspaces to achieve specific tasks and objectives. A single solution supports business requirements for secure file sharing, document collaboration, and activity workflows.

Improve Efficiency with Mobile Forms and Workflows

ShareFile delivers three critical workflows to meet the dynamic needs of today’s mobile work­force:

  1. Feedback & Approval Document Workflows
  2. Custom Workflows
  3. Advanced Custom Workflows


Today’s increasingly dynamic, distributed, and digitized mobile workforce demands instant access to the critical business information they need to do their jobs effectively and add value. The ability to securely exchange insights and collaborate on work documents is an essential component of productivity. Content collaboration and file sharing are at the core of hundreds of organizational workflows responsible for coordinating the people, processes, and technologies that drive daily business operations, including project plans, work orders, status reports, contract management, invoice processing, employee onboarding, and performance reviews.

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