As I mentioned in the first installment of this blog series, I’m the proud mom of two college athletes; I’ve seen what a competitive edge delivers. A second or an inch can make the difference between a win and a loss. It’s no different for today’s IT decision makers—they need to know where to find that competitive edge to drive their business past the finish line. In today’s installment, I’m focusing on one of the most important aspects of any sport involving a ball in motion—the team has to move to where the ball is going.

With my daughter’s volleyball team, players can’t plant their feet and wait for the ball to line up with their swing. They have a fraction of a second to anticipate and move to the ball or risk missing the trajectory of their swing or having the ball hit the floor. IT has a similar challenge when supporting today’s mobile workforce—they have to meet their employees wherever they are and on whatever device they have with them—without risking the security of the data they need to access. Citrix ShareFile is optimized for the dynamic needs for today’s mobile workforce.

ShareFile is optimized for the dynamic needs for today’s mobile workforce

To succeed in today’s digital and mobile enterprise, workers need to create, edit, share, and distribute data securely across a diverse range of platforms including desktops, tablets, and smartphones. With IT scrambling to keep up with their expanding mobile workforce, it is critical that their file share and sync solution fully supports their mobility expansion efficiently and securely. Citrix XenMobile offers a comprehensive, fully integrated Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, which safeguards against unauthorized users or devices gaining access to sensitive corporate data.

ShareFile is designed to support the next generation of work — a work from anywhere environment with the security and control the business demands where secure access to data and data sharing is essential. ShareFile provides users with an enterprise-class file sync and sharing service across their devices while providing IT with complete auditing and control. Users can access, sync, and securely share files both inside and outside the organization for easy collaboration and enhanced productivity.

The XenMobile-ShareFile combination provides an industry-leading enterprise file sync and share solution with fully secure device and user management capabilities, which include remote device wipe, data encryption, passcode protection, and ‘poison pill’ termination.

In contrast, Box does not offer EMM capabilities with their solution, so customers are forced to implement an EMM solution from a third party vendor.

Securely Access, Sync, Share, Collaborate across all Devices


With ShareFile, people on-the-go can stay productive anywhere with easy to use mobile apps for quick access to files, where and when needed. ShareFile mobile apps provide access to critical data on a variety of mobile devices. Support for Apple® iPhone®, Android, Blackberry, Windows® 8 phones and iPad, Android and Chromebook tablets is available and specifically designed to provide a brilliant and intuitive experience on these devices. Users can even connect to an Apple Watch with an iPhone to swipe slides while presenting.

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