Citrix Dublin has a long history of linking with graduate programmes and internships. Connecting with local Universities and Institutes of Technology we have brought in top graduate talent over the past number of years and supported college courses that require internships during their third year.

This year, we linked with DCU third-year computer science students to provide four internship placements for a six-month period. During their time here, students go through a full onboarding product training and join other new hires along the way to get a complete experience of what it is like to work with a multinational tech company.

Internships are key to bridging the gap between academic studies and the skills required in the working world. Students get the opportunity to work on cutting-edge products with some of the biggest global companies and learn on-the-job skills that they can take with them forward into their future careers.


Looking toward the future, Citrix Dublin plans on linking with other third-level Institutes to provide invaluable experience to students and foster and develop the skills needed for Cloud, virtualisation,networking and mobility technologies.

“At Citrix, and working tech-support for Netscaler, I’ve really felt at the heart of the technology world. You’re playing a very important role in what keeps the internet we all know and love up and running. It’s quite a unique insight and teaches you the kind of real world knowledge you just can’t get in the classroom. On top of that, the culture at Citrix is a truly free and friendly one which makes the work load much easier to enjoy. Overall, I had a great time here and feel a lot more confident in my ability going forward.” —Niall Quirke

“My time at Citrix has been an invaluable and enriching experience that I believe will hold true for me in all my future endeavors. The training and mentoring I received allowed me to greatly develop not just my technical skills, but also my personal skills. I will be leaving Citrix having acquired a huge amount of knowledge in all areas of Networking, which makes it such an appealing place for an internship. However, while I hold the learning experience in such high regard, it was the people and culture in Citrix which made it such an enjoyable place to work. “ — Seamus Doherty