If you’re at MS Ignite next week, stop by the Citrix Booth (#745) for a live tech preview demonstration of Citrix XenMobile integration with Microsoft EMS/Intune. You’ll get to see the benefits of using XenMobile and Microsoft Intune/EMS in concert first-hand, especially if you’re like many companies adopting O365.

With XenMobile and Microsoft EMS, you’ll have a single integrated solution to secure 0ffice 365 apps and documents during usage, transport and storage while minimizing the number of systems required to manage and deliver secure applications.

Working together with Microsoft, Citrix can deliver a complete Secure Digital Workspace including unified app store, virtualized desktops and apps, productivity apps, end-point management, document sync/workflows, comprehensive analytics and 0ffice 365. And you can manage all of this through the common management and control plane of Citrix Cloud and the XenMobile Service.

Only Microsoft Intune can manage Office 365 mobile applications. We call this Intune MAM (Mobile Application Management). Intune MAM policies create a secure container from which the 0365 mobile apps can operate on the mobile device. If a document were to leave the container it would require data decryption making it more susceptible to data loss.

There are numerous use cases where XenMobile can add value to Microsoft Intune. Let’s talk about two specific use cases:

  • As part of the Citrix Secure Digital Workspace, XenMobile allows IT to configure and apply micro-VPN connectivity to mobile applications. This means that each managed mobile application on the device has its very own private micro-VPN from which application data can flow securely from the endpoint to corporate resource locations behind the firewall. Secure email and intranet access are two great examples of how XenMobile micro-VPN technology can add value to 0365 environments.
  • Let’s talk about mail. As part of the Citrix mobile technology partnership with Microsoft, XenMobile’s flagship application, Secure Mail, is now compatible and manageable by Intune. This means that Intune MAM policies can be applied to Secure Mail placing it in the SAME CONTAINER as other 0365 mobile applications. Now, a document received as an attachment in Secure Mail can be opened in 0365 without ever being decrypted or leaving the container. Citrix Secure Mail does not use a cloud proxy which is a big advantage for enterprises who do not want corporate email being cached in the cloud.


The following video shows the integration between XenMobile and Microsoft Intune/EMS. Using the XenMobile Connector for EMS on Citrix Cloud we can apply Intune MAM policies and unique Citrix micro-VPN policies to the same applications.

The XenMobile Connector for EMS technology you’ve just seen will be available with XenMobile Advanced Service and Premium Service delivered from Citrix Cloud. Please contact your Citrix representative for more information on the availability of this solution.

Don’t forget to stop by the Citrix booth this week! In addition to great product demonstrations you can build a customized Lego mini-figurine and get entered into drawing to win a Flybrix Lego drone!