To our customers, partners, and friends,

As I am sure you are well aware, Florida is under a State of Emergency as we brace for the impact of Hurricane Irma. Citrix has a large presence in South Florida, and we have been keeping a close eye on the storm.

Early this week, we made the decision to activate our disaster recovery and business continuity plan. With these plans active, if we experience any sort of damage to our facilities, network degradation, or application or telecommunications issue, we will have the capability to shift to other regional datacenters, and each of those data centers have backups as well.

We have a team active now monitoring all systems, and they are empowered to make changes as necessary to maintain business continuity regardless of the storm’s path.

And, as part of the plan, we have shifted customer support to alternate locations, so our help desk and technical support services will continue to be available.

Further, we have sizable facilities in the Atlanta, Raleigh, Boston and Santa Clara areas, giving us physical presence and resources to relocate critical functions and people if necessary following the storm. And, of course, our international operations in Europe, Asia, Canada, South and Central America, as well as our sales offices around North America, are expected to be unaffected.

Thanks you for all your well wishes during this uncertain time, but rest assured we’ve done and will continue to do what is necessary to minimize any business disruption.