Recently, Brad Anderson from Microsoft joined us in Santa Clara for a live event and webcast to address a key question we hear from our joint customers: how can businesses embrace digital transformation and move to the cloud while providing the strong security needed to protect the organization?

Together, we explored how Citrix and Microsoft are resolving the tension between the productive, high-quality experience people demand and the security IT requires. We explained how we enable a journey to the cloud that’s loved by users and trusted by IT.

Here are a few highlights:

Security follows users

Traditional approaches to security are insufficient for protecting today’s workplace, from the changing ways people want to work, to the diverse types of apps, endpoints, networks and locations they’re using. Security can’t be an afterthought—it must be built natively into everything companies do. Organizations need a strategy that allows:

  • Device flexibility with a single way to address every kind of endpoint
  • The full agility and scalability of the cloud
  • A single point of control for every threat, known and unknown
  • A modern user experience that improves both productivity and retention

These evolving requirements call for security to shift focus from the network perimeter to the endpoint itself. We offered insights into how Citrix and Microsoft give customers what they need to create a software-defined perimeter that leverages contextual access policies, analytics and machine learning, and multi-factor authentication to protect apps and data wherever and however people work.

End-to-end integrations ensure seamless security and user experiences

With Microsoft 365, Microsoft is delivering comprehensive, yet simple, cloud services across Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). Citrix workspace solutions provide complete cloud services for apps, desktops, data sharing and networking on any device. Deep integration between the two offerings now allow organizations to achieve their goals for both digital transformation and security more effectively than ever by shifting from:

  • Routine tasks to creative, critical thinking
  • Individual productivity to dynamic, agile teamwork
  • Disparate tools and systems to coherent, integrated and secure solutions
  • Individual threats to sophisticated organizational breaches

Our partnership has already delivered day-zero support for Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop on Windows Server 2016, a great experience for 250,000 daily users of Skype for Business on XenApp and XenDesktop, EMS integration into Citrix NetScaler and XenMobile on Azure, ShareFile integration with Office 365, and more. Now, our latest integrations around Microsoft 365 will enable end-to-end scenarios that increase creativity and teamwork for users, as well as simplicity and security for IT. As one powerful example, real-time telemetry data from the 100 million monthly users of Office 365 on Azure will help secure user identities and manage risk across both Microsoft and Citrix cloud services.

Moving forward, our joint customers will benefit from innovations like the ability to integrate with Microsoft services—including Office 365 and EMS—through the Citrix Cloud console, providing a single common app management solution across distributed Office apps, the EMS app ecosystem, VDI and other remote apps, and every other element of the secure digital workspace.

There’s much more to discuss about the latest joint efforts by Citrix and Microsoft, like Citrix support for hybrid Azure Stack environments, support for Microsoft Teams, the latest thinking around risk management and stats on the productivity impact of Citrix Cloud. It’s well worth viewing the whole on-demand webcast to get all the details, including a case study showcasing the experiences of Anheuser-Busch with our solutions. Watch it today, and let me know what you think in the comments below!

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