The world today has changed dramatically in just a few years. Markets, customers, partners, technology – it all looks different and enterprises are still working out the right way to adapt to this change and make it work for them.

Whether cutting down on real estate, creating a truly global company or shifting to ‘hot-desking’ in a bid to cut costs, businesses are balancing an increasingly distributed and complex web of employees, suppliers and customers while trying to implement solutions and processes which work today – and will still work tomorrow.

This is why we’re dedicated to sharing our vision of how technology will change the future of work – making it people-centric, secure, flexible, and productive. It’s what we live and breathe and, more importantly, it’s what our customers want to know more about.

This curiosity inspires us at Citrix. It is why our annual conference Synergy gets bigger and better every year. At Synergy 2017 in Orlando, customers engaged with their peers, bounced ideas off Citrix employees for their technical insight and had a chance to see what we’re working on at Citrix – and what we’re aiming to work towards in the future…

We want to make sure as many people as possible get to experience Synergy first-hand. So we’ve taken the best of Synergy and rolled it out in our Synergy Unplugged Roadshow – bringing this insight to local events in Dublin on Thursday, September 7 and Manchester on Wednesday, September 13.

Join us at Synergy Unplugged to hear how we can help you take the next step towards digital business transformation. We’ll showcase developments across the Citrix portfolio and explain how these will change the way traditional workplaces are run and the way in which IT systems are delivered. These events will also provide vital updates on new features, functions and benefits across the product set, ensuring customers are up-to-date on how to get the most out of their investment – and how to prepare for the future of work.

But don’t take my word for it – see what attendees from the last Synergy Unplugged have to say:

Hugo Pecora, Infrastructure Engineer (Citrix), Transport for London:

“Synergy Unplugged was a great way to share experiences with the actual techies who are in the field, working to deploy and manage infrastructure. For me, the most interesting part was the insight into future trends – such as IoT – and the direction that industries are moving in. This detail is vital and hugely valuable.

 “I recommend the event to anyone – from engineer to C-Level – looking to understand how Citrix can transform their workplace. The real-life customer examples were particularly helpful in illustrating this point.”

 An anonymous Synergy Unplugged fan:

“Myself and two colleagues attended and, in making the commitment to travel, we found the full day useful to maximise the transfer of knowledge and justify the travel and time away from the office. It was good to have the day split to cover Citrix Synergy announcements in the morning and then NetScaler in the afternoon. The user case stories for Registers of Scotland and Bupa also highlighted how we can transform with the Citrix product set – and how alike our transformation is to the story at Bupa.

 “As a platinum subscriber, it is key that we maximise value from Citrix products and services. We want to continue to be a fast follower of the new features, functions and benefits of the Citrix product set. Getting early sight of these at events like this is crucial to our own transformation and the eradication of technical debt.”

I’ll be speaking at the Manchester event on 13th September. Whether you can join us there or in Dublin, come along to find out how technology is changing the future of work, what you can do to power your business with the workspace of the future and how to deliver extraordinary experiences to both employees and customers today and tomorrow.

I hope to see you there!