Hurry! Be one of the first 100 eligible organizations that sign up at the Citrix Booth.

Wait, what? Citrix is giving away free software at VMworld? That’s right!Earlier this year, we released Citrix App Layering after acquiring the industry’s number one App Layering technology: Unidesk. Did you know Citrix App Layering is a great fit even for non-Citrix environments, and is extensively used by VMware Horizon customers? Read on to learn how you can try it yourself for up to 12 months, FREE!

VMworld attendees can win 1 year of free Citrix App Layering

If you would like to give Citrix App Layering a try, this may be your lucky day. Find our product experts to sign up at the Citrix booth 1307 at VMworld 2017, between August 27 and 30 in Las Vegas. 100 qualifying entries will receive a full-featured license of Citrix App Layering service for unlimited users up to 12 months. No strings, no cost!

Why Citrix App Layering for Horizon View?

Let us explore a few of the unique and measurable advantages Citrix App Layering brings to VMware environments:

Eliminate Image Management

Only Citrix App Layering layers almost anything — from pre-boot drivers, anti-virus software, VDI agents, to Windows apps and Windows OS. This dramatically reduces the number of images you need to manage and maintain. Citrix App Layering starts early enough in the Windows boot process to package and deliver 99% of the apps offering greatest App compatibility. Here is a 5 minute technical demonstration of the cross-platform capabilities, by layering guru Ron Oglesby:

Simplest Layering Solution for vSphere and Horizon View

Citrix App Layering needs no database to configure and can even be used by level 1 helpdesk to package apps without worrying about dependencies or groupings. It makes patches and updates easy and avoids package duplication by offering the flexibility to package any app in its own layer. You can publish layered images to View Composer or Instant Clones for distribution to desktops

Easy On-Ramp to Any Cloud

Citrix App Layering unlocks you from underlying infrastructure and can help you move to any cloud platform. The layers are platform-independent, allowing the same image to be ported to a different platform without image rebuilding or app repackaging.

Better TCO and ROI from your Horizon View environment

Only Citrix App Layering offers the best TCO and ROI for your Horizon View environment by offering elastic on-demand layering for RDSH environments.  Citrix App Layering can layer Windows Servers and apps for all Horizon View RDSH environments, so instead of having 20 or 30 silos to patch every month, you only have to patch your Windows Server and app layers once. This way, you can cut patching OpEx cost to 1/20th or 1/30th of what it is now.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at scores of our customer success stories using VMware Horizon!

Where can I learn more about Citrix App Layering?

Visit the Citrix App Layering page, and read our expert blog posts to learn more about the technology. If you wish to dive deeper, self-paced online training is available with the all-access eLearning subscription. Customer Success Services – Select, the 24X7 Citrix support program also includes unlimited, on-demand access to the eLearning courses.

Sign up at VMworld 2017, Booth 1307

Come by the Citrix Booth 1307 at the VMworld Solutions Exchange to be one of the first 100 to sign up to win 1 year of free licenses to use Citrix App Layering! Eligibility is restricted to VMworld attendees, US-based organizations and non-Citrix customers. Good luck, safe travels, and enjoy VMworld.