With all the buzz about unified endpoints, you can be forgiven for thinking that it’s a new concept for simplifying mobility management and protecting sensitive data in a BYO world. But is it really new?

If you really think about it, the core concept behind unified endpoint management and delivery is to simplify app and desktop management and make sure sensitive information remains protected, even while people use any device, anywhere to do their work.

At Citrix, we refer to that value proposition as the secure delivery of apps and data, and we not only invented that market, we continue to introduce new innovations through our XenApp and XenDesktop family of products and services. And we support every device with Citrix Receiver, which has become the gold standard for secure unified endpoint delivery. Name an operating system or device platform, and you’ll find a Citrix Receiver that supports it. Just as important, Citrix delivers a seamless, high-performance virtual app and desktop experience, because the Citrix HDX protocol, which continues to evolve, is the most efficient in the industry, and it’s supported on all devices.

For years, our technology partners have depended on Citrix to make sure their new product offerings seamlessly integrate with Citrix Receiver as soon as they are available. For nearly ten years, Citrix Receiver has supported new devices on day one, from iPads to Chromebooks to the latest devices from Samsung.

Earlier today, Samsung announced the new Samsung Note 8 phone that will provide users a powerful full virtual desktop experience when combined with Citrix Receiver and the Samsung DeX Station – extending full desktop capability to the latest Samsung smartphone. Citrix customers continue to show high interest in testing and deploying new enterprise virtualization use cases with the Samsung DeX while independent reviewers have tested XenApp, XenDesktop and Citrix Receiver with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the DeX Station to run specialized business applications, with impressive results.

And while partners count on Citrix Receiver to provide Day 1 support for their new devices and platforms, our value comes from the way our customers use it to protect their data, increase productivity, and to even provide better patient care. Chromebooks have been deployed at hundreds of customers across almost every vertical market, including health care. Chapter Health Systems, deployed Chromebook cloud end points with XenApp and Citrix Receiver to help health care professionals focus on seamless, secure and quality patient care.

And Citrix Receiver for Chrome continues to get better with new quarterly releases continually bringing more features and capabilities to customers. We long ago passed the double digit market for new releases of Receiver for Chrome updates since 2011 – in case anyone is counting. And we also make it easy for Google customers to accelerate their cloud transformation, and easily access their data with our expanded partnership and integration between ShareFile and G-Suite.

Citrix unified endpoint value extends far beyond our ability to work with any single device. Our customers love the Citrix commitment to support any device on any cloud with any hypervisor on a wide range of IT infrastructures.

While we’ve come a long way, you can depend on Citrix to make sure XenApp, XenDesktop and Citrix Receiver continue to be the gold standard for unified endpoint delivery. Count on Citrix to securely deliver any app to any device, and to provide the best experience, period.

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