The relentless pace of innovation is not only transforming how business gets done, but also applies to the increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats keeping executives awake at night. Yet these threats don’t just come from bad actors outside the company. Well-meaning employees and executives can often put their organization at risk when they bypass security policies and processes that make it harder to get their work done.

In fact, a recent Ponemon survey found that 83% of respondents say their organization is at risk for security breaches because business and IT operations have become so complex. Frustration with complexity motivates people to deploy their own shadow IT, those unsanctioned apps, tools and devices that expose the organization to greater risks and threats.

Is it humanly possible to protect your organization from all of these external and internal threats? It might feel like this is a job for a security superhero, who is able to:

  • Gain control over sensitive apps and data
  • Securely deploy the latest, most advanced apps, services and devices fast enough to prevent shadow IT
  • Deploy network, application and data security that is powerful enough to protect against the evolving threat landscape coming from increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals

While Citrix is not a traditional security vendor, we help enterprises look beyond add-on solutions to build security into the fabric of their infrastructure. In fact, we enable a software-defined perimeter that combines secure access to apps and data with contextual control, visibility and behavior analytics across devices, networks and clouds. By extending control beyond the traditional datacenter to mediate user interactions with apps and data, IT can proactively secure, detect, and mitigate risk with intelligence applied to each unique scenario.

Can you learn how to be a security superhero who can handle all of these threats and issues? Stop by our Citrix VMworld booth (#1307) and we’ll show you how.

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