Earlier this month, my colleague, Ken Oestreich, blogged about “How to think about digital workspaces” and introduced how the aggregation of resources is like Apple TV and Roku. These aggregators simplify and solve problems for the video and entertainment content. Citrix Workspace Service solves a similar problem for enterprises by aggregating apps and data across diverse services. Here, I share a sneak peek into how Citrix Workspace Service will aggregate apps and data across all resources including VMware WorkspaceONE, Horizon View, Amazon Workspaces, Microsoft RDS, and more.

End Users Only Care About Their Own Access

We believe that aggregation of resources should be invisible to and seamless for the end users. In fact, people don’t care where these resources are hosted or which platform provides them. They simply care about quick and secure access to their apps and their data on any device, anywhere. That’s the design philosophy in the new Citrix Workspace experience.

The Citrix Workspace Experience in Action

In this video, you can see the wide variety of resources available to the Citrix Workspace service user. Notice how some of the apps are delivered from a VMware environment. To the average user, Horizon apps and desktops appear just like any other, side by side with web apps, SaaS apps, or Citrix apps. This is a more productive experience, because now users can work without signing on to different sessions using different client software.

The demo begins by launching a connection to a Windows Server desktop powered by Citrix XenDesktop. Then, we open a Windows desktop using Microsoft remote desktop technology. Finally, we launch a connection to a desktop with VMware Horizon View. It’s all fully integrated and completely seamless.

From an administrator perspective, you may display the apps in a unified list or you may decide to group them by the infrastructure on which they’re running. You may even assign groups of users who are allowed to subscribe specific apps, or turn them on using dynamic end point analysis. Citrix NetScaler Gateway further simplifies your security configuration, by providing a front end to VMware’s PCOIP traffic in addition to Citrix HDX and Microsoft RDP traffic.

Get a Handle on Cloud Sprawl

Citrix Workspace Service uses automation and analytics to control the inevitable cloud sprawl, device sprawl, and content sprawl during a digital transformation. Citrix workspace is designed around the end customer – rather than the infrastructure – to create a consistent, secure end-user experience for consuming existing and emerging technologies with minimum learning curve. Only Citrix Workspace provides you the complete end to end solution.

Learn more at VMworld 2017, August 27-31

Come see Citrix in booth 1307 at VMworld in Las Vegas August 27-31. We’ll show you how you can easily aggregate your VMware, Microsoft, web, SaaS and Citrix resources with the new Citrix Workspace Service.

Be sure to bookmark the Citrix Workspace home page for breaking news around availability and packaging of this unique offering.