How can IT pros manage all the complexity and promise related to coping with cloud services? If you’re attending VMworld in Las Vegas, visit our Citrix booth (#1307) where we’ll provide the answers you need.

citrix-2017-vmworld-social-gfx-300x250k1Cloud services have come a long way from the early days of on-demand infrastructure and the first SaaS offerings. Today, we can see how cloud computing has transformed enterprise infrastructure, redefined the economics of IT and sparked a revolution in digital business growth.

Yet at the same time, we’re seeing organizations cope with cloud sprawl, a new unintended consequence the cloud, where the growing flood of unsanctioned cloud services across the enterprise overwhelms IT with management complexity, undermines security, and makes life miserable for employees. If that isn’t enough, IT also must cope with maintaining and integrating the remaining on-premises infrastructure and legacy apps and data.

Is it humanly possible to find a way to overcome cloud sprawl, and even reap the promise of operational and financial benefits executives expect?

These organizations need a cloud superhero, someone who is able to:

  • Unify and secure access to cloud services, so people can find all the apps and data they need to work in one place
  • Monitor, manage and secure access and security for cloud services and apps through a unified management platform
  • Securely activate and provision new cloud services at the speed of business 

Stop by our Citrix VMworld booth (#1307) and we’ll show you how to become a cloud superhero.

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