Citrix Profile Management keeps optimizing the way you manage your Windows user profile.

Stability is a key priority for many enterprise customers, and we have received many requests to make Citrix Profile Management a Long Term Service Release component. In response to that need, Citrix Profile Management has evolved from a compatible component to a full LTSR baseline component.

This means we fully comply with LTSR servicing option. For example, you should expect a Citrix Profile Management Cumulative Update release when a XenApp and XenDesktop LTSR cumulative update is made available. We will also provide Current Releases, where we will follow the Current Release servicing option. Also in Current Releases, we will deliver the most recent, most innovative capabilities.

As a result, you can now determine which option – Long Term Service Release or Current Release – works better for your organization based on your needs.

To simplify management on product versions, we are also aligning Citrix Profile Management version numbers with XenApp and XenDesktop version numbers starting from this release. So, v7.15 doesn’t mean there are any major updates and changes in the solutions architecture, which usually requires more solid validation in your environment. Instead, Citrix Profile Management is still the profile management solution running inside a XenApp or XenDesktop session the same as in earlier 5.x versions.

With regard to the new functions included in the 7.15 release, we devoted most of our effort on hardening the solution for LTSR customers. That said, one useful enhancement is the alignment of wildcard behavior in all file paths regardless of whether it is a root folder or a subfolder.


We also introduced a new operator “|”, which is a qualifier for the query. For example, a poorly designed application might generate massive amounts of debug files with random names in the root folder. It is a headache when you need a combination of exclusion and inclusion lists to simply exclude them from syncing. Now you could use the new qualifier to ensure the wildcard only designation applies to the current folder.

We have lots of additional examples and use cases. Check the Profile Management Product Documentation to read more.

Citrix Profile Management is available in the XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15 LTSR release. Try it today and enjoy the new experience.

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