Citrix has recently provided a much sought-after enhancement in the swipe actions on the individual emails. This is available from 10.6.15 release.

Now, you can swipe left on any email to perform the frequent actions like “Flag” and “Delete” or mark as Read or Unread by swiping right. And some more options as part of the “More” submenu.

“More” has certain options under it  which allow you to do actions like Reply, Forward and Move

Now let’s look at the workflows for these actions on swipe:

  • Swipe left on any email from right and you get to see the options:  More , Flag &. Delete as shown in the picture below:


You can either single tap on the delete option when swiped left or long swipe from right to left to delete the email. You might be thinking, what if I accidentally swipe to delete the email?  You will get an undo toast in the center of the screen to undo the deletion if you want to. The undo option is available only for 4 seconds. Please note that if you continuously swipe left to delete multiple mails, the undo option is available only for the latest deleted mail.

image2017-5-31-8-13-10            image2017-5-31-8-13-22

Most of the times, we read the emails on phone and want to follow up later on the laptop and the best way to do that is to mark the email as unread or flag it. Now its easy with SecureMail, swiping on the email from left to right will allow you to mark it as READ or UNREAD based on the previous state by long swiping. Or if you want to flag it to have a look at it later, just tap on the Flag option available when swiped left on the email. 


This way you can either delete or mark as read or unread with just a long swipe.

You must be thinking what happened to the earlier action sheet which had multiple options for the user to do at one stretch. So, here is the answer :”More” has the following options within it letting you to Reply/Reply All, Forward and Move it to a different folder.  And if you do not want to use any of the available options, you can just Cancel it.


All the above-specified actions are applicable for the local search results as well. However, for the server search results you can either forward or reply/reply all as shown below. If the mail has just one recipient, long swiping on the mail from right to left will perform reply action. And if there are multiple recipients, long swipe will open a reply all mail window.


Let us know what you think!

The Citrix SecureMail team is constantly looking into new features that help you in your day to day email workflows, we are interested in hearing your feedback about this feature. You can use the in-app feedback facility to let us know!

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