If you installed XenApp and XenDesktop 7.14.1, you might have noticed a new version of Citrix Scout. Scout makes it easy for Citrix administrators to collect diagnostics and traces. This tool helps administrators obtain common health check recommendations for their XenApp and XenDesktop sites, and also assist Citrix technical support to access the information required to diagnose and resolve issues.

Scout 3.0
Scout 3.0

This latest version is packed with new features that improve Scout’s security, performance and user experience. The new tool also incorporates a key feature of Call Home: Always on Tracing (AOT). AOT eliminates the need to reproduce issues as the in-memory trace logs can be securely sent to Citrix using the tool.

Scout also allows Citrix administrators to easily configure Call Home schedules that were originally configured or skipped during product installation.

Please visit CTX226426 to see common “How Do I” questions that will assist on using the latest Scout.


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