XenMobile client release 10.6.15 is now available. XenMobile 10.6.15 is a public app store release which includes updated versions of Secure Hub, Secure Mail and Secure Web.

I’ve been with Citrix for more than 3 ½ years (and yes, I still love it; it’s a great place to work). But there’s a downside that comes with workplace longevity. My company email address seems to be proliferating across the internet. Every morning my list of SPAM seems to get longer and longer and longer…

Since Citrix is headquartered on the East Coast and I live on the West Coast, my workday usually starts in my bed, on my mobile device, responding to emails. Important emails get mixed in with all the SPAM, what a pain!

Some of you may use the Secure Mail “FastSort” feature, which is an alternative inbox view that allows a user to rapidly manage their inbox with customizable finger gestures.

With XenMobile 10.6.15, we’ve combined the best aspects of the traditional inbox view with the best aspects of the “Fast Sort” inbox view to deliver a highly efficient inbox management experience to increase productivity.

Previously, the action of deleting an email wasn’t as simple as it could have been. First you would swipe, then you would hit Delete, then it would ask “Are you sure?” The extra steps were meant as safety measures to ensure you didn’t accidentally delete an important email, but it really slowed things down.  For this reason, I would start my day in “FastSort” view then switch to traditional view once my inbox was cleaned out.

Not anymore. Now I get all the functionality and efficiency I need to navigate my inbox right from the traditional inbox view.


With these new UI improvements, I can kiss an email goodbye with a single long swipe to the LEFT, no extra moves required.

But what if I accidentally delete an important email in an effort to work quickly? Not a problem. On the far right screen above you’ll see that we’ve added an “Undo” prompt when deleting emails. If you make a mistake, it’s really easy to go back.

Additionally, with the newly designed interface I can also easily flag an email or choose one of many actions by clicking “More”.

New swiping gestures also make it easy to mark emails as read/unread. A long swipe RIGHT will mark the email as read if it’s currently unread and vice versa.


In addition to the new and improved inbox experience, we’ve also added support for multiple exchange accounts for iOS. Supporting multiple Exchange accounts through a single app makes things easy for executive admins who require access to multiple inboxes and calendars. Another use case might be a worker who needs access to both their work email inbox and an alias account such as support@citrix.com.

Adding another Exchange account is quite easy; you can do it right from the Secure Mail settings on your mobile device. If you know your email address, network credentials and email domain, you’ve got all the information required to add an extra account.

Once you’ve added a new account you can choose different colors to help you identify which calendar entries are associate with which account (see screen shots below).


Those are a couple of the big ticket items in XenMobile 10.6.15.

Additional release features include:

  • Secure Mail (iOS) always encrypts replies and forwards to an encrypted email even if “Encrypt by default” setting is off.
  • Secure Mail (Android) now displays conflicts with your personal calendar.
  • Secure Mail and Secure Web (Android) now support super-wide device screens with aspect ratios of 18.5:9 such as the Samsung S8.

For more information on the XenMobile 10.6.15 client release including feature descriptions, known issues and fixed issues please click HERE.