Google and Citrix recently announced an expanded collaboration that spans multiple products and services from both companies to support customers with their secure cloud transformation. One key area that I would like to discuss in more detail is the ongoing product collaboration to enable G Suite integration with ShareFile.

G Suite is a set of intelligent business apps designed to bring people together and help them work smarter, no matter where they are in the world. Documents and collaboration are central to employee productivity in any company and at Citrix, it has been our privilege to power secure document collaboration both internally and externally on any network and device for tens of thousands of companies worldwide. G Suite customers will benefit from tight integration with ShareFile, which allows seamless access to documents, allowing collaboration between colleagues and clients.

Here are a few key benefits G Suite and Citrix customers can expect in the near future:

ShareFile app for Gmail

Email remains the primary mode of communication for most businesses. While attaching files is easy, e-mail is not the best tool for ensuring you are accessing the most recent version of a document. With the ShareFile app for Gmail, users can attach links to documents stored on the hard drive, Google Drive, or in ShareFile rather than attaching the actual files to their emails, ensuring that the most recent version of the file will be accessed by any user on the thread.

The ShareFile app for Gmail will also let users request files, start feedback and approval workflows, and send documents for signature. Users can also leverage the various security features of ShareFile, including link expiration and the requirement to log-in prior to accessing the shared document.

And did you know that the first version of Gmail integration with ShareFile is available today as a Chrome extension? Users can expect the G Suite experience to be similar in functionality, but even more integrated and seamless.

ShareFile Connector for Google Drive

ShareFile connector technology allows companies with investments in multiple storage solutions to access and share their files via a single interface, regardless of the source. Today, ShareFile offers Personal Cloud Connectors, enabling customers to map Google Drive as a folder within ShareFile. We will extend this support to G Suite customers and enable various workflows, such as sending Google documents for signature, or editing these documents, right from the ShareFile interface.

Co-Editing with Google Docs

No integration with Google would be complete without support for co-editing. Files stored in ShareFile may come from variety of sources, and there may be a mix of document types depending on the software your customers or partners are using. With the ShareFile integration with Google Docs, users will be able to easily edit and collaborate on documents seamlessly within the ShareFile interface, regardless of the document type!

Google Cloud as a choice of storage

Citrix has long offered customers a wide range of choice with storage options, from Microsoft Azure, to Amazon AWS to on-prem storage. In the future customers will also be able to choose Google Cloud as their preferred storage option.

ShareFile in Cloud Launcher

Cloud Launcher lets customers quickly deploy software solutions on Google Cloud Platform. Citrix is working with Google Cloud to make ShareFile available in Cloud Launcher. This will allow Google customers and partners to easily add and scale new ShareFile users into Google Cloud

This is an exciting start and customers can soon expect more ShareFile integrations and capabilities with Google as our product teams work even closer together with this expanded partnership. The unique value proposition of ShareFile as a single pane of glass access to multiple data sources, a wide array of mobile and desktop tools, and the broad range of administrative controls, make ShareFile solution of choice for productive and secure internal and external collaboration for businesses large and small. The ShareFile team is helping you take G Suite to the next level so stay tuned for additional updates and integrations over the next few months.