Today, I am pleased to announce the availability of Citrix Cloud Resource Location Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template to provide turnkey orchestration of an entire Citrix Cloud resource location for XenDesktop Cloud services. These templates gives our partners and customers a fast, prescriptive and an “Azure native way” for IT administrators to consistently stand up a self-contained resource location for Citrix assets on Azure.

The template takes away the manual configuration needed to deploy:

  • Design and configuration of Azure Topology
  • Installation of XenDesktop infrastructure components
  • Installation of Citrix VDA software on Golden Image
  • Creation of Machine Catalog
  • Creation of Delivery Group
  • Deploying NetScaler VPX
  • Testing and Validation

The topology that is created by deploying the template looks like this:


However, each customer scenario is different so we published the ARM Templates under MIT License. This means you are welcome to fork, customize and republish for your specific needs. We really want this to be a community initiative.

Feel free to use the comments section of this blog post to ask questions or discuss.