Have you moved your organization to Windows 10 yet? The clock is ticking.

Windows 7 will reach end-of-life in 2020 — just over two years from now. It’s possible to avoid the scramble many faced when they moved from XP and get ahead of the move. How? With Citrix Workspace.

Support BYOD devices – including mobile

Even if you do not have a sanctioned bring-your-own device (BYOD) program, your workers are likely using personal devices to work—especially after hours or while remote. Due to the free upgrade in its first year, many of those employees already use Windows 10 on their personal devices. Make it easy for them, and on you, and deliver the apps they need to be productive. With Citrix Workspace, you can deliver virtual apps to personal devices and get unified endpoint management. That means you can manage your employees Windows 10 devices—desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets—through a single pane of glass, simplifying management of BYO and corporate-owned devices.

Get a handle on app compatibility

One of the biggest obstacles in any OS migration is ensuring that current applications are compatible. While this is not a big issue with out-of-the-box apps like Office, custom line-of-business apps can be very pricey to recode to achieve compatibility. Citrix Workspace has two solutions that can help: App Layering and AppDNA.

Citrix App Layering enables you to separate OS, apps and users and manage each as a unique “layer” in your image. By separating the apps from the desktop, you can package and deliver apps—even those with deep OS dependencies, system services and early-start drivers—independent from the operating system, giving you 99% application compatibility.

AppDNA, included with Citrix Workspace, enables you to automate application compatibility testing and remediation to save up to 90% of the time spent on testing apps manually.

Windows 10 as VDI

How do you ensure that you never have to update the OS on every physical machine in your environment ever again? Rollout Windows 10 as VDI. Citrix Workspace enables you to deliver a fully-functioning virtual Windows 10 desktop and the apps that employees need to stay productive. The best part? You manage one layered image, ensuring that you’re current on the frequent releases. This not only makes it easier for you to maintain, but keeps the environment up-to-date on security patches. Your users get the same look and feel as a locally installed desktop, only better.

Separate data from device

One of the most significant challenges when upgrading an operating system is ensuring users do not lose any of their data. By separating the data from the operating system, you ensure its integrity.  Citrix Workspace, using Citrix ShareFile, not only stores the users’ files, but provides a centralized means to access their files, regardless of where they are stored—network drives, SharePoint, Dropbox and more can all be accessed through the same interface. What’s more, those files can be securely accessed from any device and shared with colleagues for real-time collaboration.

See Citrix Workspace in Action

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Learn more at http://now.citrix.com/windows10.

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