Speed Dating for AppLayering … aka, “Two Guys Geeking Out On a Webcam”

Have you ever wanted to dive deeper into Citrix App Layering, but feel you just don’t have more than 10 minutes in your busy day? Maybe you just want to spend a few minutes during your commute listening to AppLayering Guru and Unidesk veteran Ron Oglesby geek out on image reduction and centralized management?

Well then? Run down to your local lottery retailer and buy your ticket because today is your lucky day! Back in January of 2017 at the Citrix Summit conference in Anaheim, California, US of A, Citrix announced the acquisition of Unidesk, ushering in the age of the industry-leading application layering solution.

I will admit: it has taken me far too long to get this topic covered on the award winning TechTalks To Go web series. Hey! I can give myself awards (it’s the only way I will win “Husband of the Year”)!!

In this episode, I catch up with Ron, who leads us through a great introduction of Citrix App Layering, how it works, a comparison to other application virtualization technologies, the most common use cases, and, of course, the subject that makes product marketing folks shudder with trepidation, “where are the bodies buried.”

I can confidently say that it is worth the price of the YouTube stream to grab an IP Address and give it a quick watch. Who knows? You may find a gold nugget of information you didn’t have before. Definitely better chances of that than hitting the lottery.

And for more run-on sentences, be sure to catch my next blog post on Episode 2 of the AppLayering TechTalks To-Go web series.