The Digital Transformation of IT is here!

Cloud Adoption is on the rise and is the future of IT!

Work from home and work on any device is the cry of the millennial in the workforce!

How will IT manage a world of Bring Your Own Device?

As an IT manager, do you struggle with any of these headlines?  If you are the one responsible to handle these initiatives (or you might say, challenges) in a company of 500-1,500 employees, your world is probably being turned upside down. You have less staff with more to do in a new generation of IT demands.

Take a deep breath, help is available. It comes in four forms from the company who has been forging new ground in IT solutions for the past 28 years—Citrix. Our cornerstone Xen family of products is now easier to use than ever and you don’t even have to be an expert to deploy and manage them.

Solution #1 – Citrix Cloud

Wait, it’s not what you think. We don’t believe putting the term “Cloud” in front of our products is the panacea for all of your problems. What we do believe is our network of partners is so good at what it does for you that you will be blown away by the results. Our Citrix Solutions Advisors (CSAs) can help you through this sea change in IT by drawing up a plan to transition you to the cloud over time. And since Citrix now manages the infrastructure on your behalf, your CSA can focus on your core IT business,  inclusive of application and desktop virtualization, security and mobility. Check out our Citrix Cloud solution(s) and see why companies like yours trust their IT future to Citrix.

Solutions #2 – Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (HCI)

Hold on again… this is not your typical HCI. This is the Citrix Workspace Appliance program, which is a self-contained, on-premises solution complete with best-in-class HCI appliances from Citrix partners that are connected to Citrix Cloud. This solution allows you to maintain all of your storage/data and workloads onsite but also take advantage of Citrix Cloud for active management of your IT solutions. Best of all, your CSA partner can help you with the setup and ongoing maintenance so you don’t have to become an expert in the technology. You can go online to check out more about the Citrix Workspace Appliance or just contact your local CSA.

Solution #3 – Citrix Service Providers

If you want a full-service, turnkey IT solution where you only manage your hardware and identities, Citrix has a partner program for you. The Citrix Service Provider (CSP) partner program allows our partners to utilize all of our technology and bring it to you in a service offering for the management of your applications, networks, data and security. We enable the CSP and they provide a full-service IT solution to your company with no upfront costs and predicable monthly payments. Working together, you will create a transition from on-premises to cloud-based solutions that are custom tailored to your business. Moreover, since our CSPs offer a multi-tenant solution you get the benefit of scale without being a huge enterprise business. Imagine having millions of dollars of technology and support for a fraction of the cost of implementing it yourself. Now that’s progressive! Get in touch with a CSP near you today.

Solution #4 – XenApp & XenDesktop Essentials

An Azure-based DIY for the Cloud. If you are already an expert in Citrix solutions but just need a way to run your workloads in the cloud, Citrix has partnered with Microsoft to give you the best cloud infrastructure solution for XenApp and XenDesktop. This cloud-based solution is expanding rapidly for customers with this specific need. In addition, you get the benefits of both Citrix and Microsoft Cloud solutions in a single bundle. Take a look the Essentials site for more info.

Get on board with cloud-based solutions from Citrix and you will no longer have to struggle with transformation headlines.

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