Check out this new Windows Continuum virtual desktop demo … powered by XenServer and XenDesktop.

XenDesktop — with XenServer — is the first desktop virtualization solution to deliver the Windows Continuum experience to any device. XenDesktop 7.14, with patent-pending technology from XenServer 7.2, is the only VDI platform to enable the Windows Continuum experience for a virtual Windows 10 desktop.

Now, Windows 10 virtual desktops on XenDesktop automatically toggle between tablet and desktop mode, upon connection and reconnection, depending on the type of physical client device. And this works with ANY device! You can seamlessly roam from your desktop device to your tablet device and your Windows 10 virtual desktop will automatically transition from desktop mode to tablet mode.

When combined with our existing HDX Mobile technologies that provide a native touch experience for virtual apps and desktops on mobile and tablet devices, the time to deploy Windows 10 virtual desktops with XenDesktop has never been better.

Watch this demo. You really need to see it to believe it.