Read our top vertical solution White Papers addressing key IT challenges that Education, Financial Services and Healthcare industries are currently facing.

Specific priorities at each industry vertical often get ignored with IT products and solutions meant for generic needs. The specific challenges that a hospital faces are very different from that of a school or an investment firm. With that in mind, we’ve tried to identify and—in turn—address a few of these challenges. Together with our Citrix Ready partners, we’ve created detailed White Papers that showcase the critical industry challenges in question and how Citrix-compatible technologies help you pinpoint and get over these hurdles.

1) 10Zig – How 10ZiG Thin and Zero Clients Improve Citrix VDI Performance

10ZigFinancial organizations across the globe are facing an unprecedented array of security threats. These threats directly endanger the most precious assets that any financial company holds: data and people. This paper discusses how thin/zero clients by 10ZiG can work in symbiosis with Citrix VDI in providing a secure, centralized solution that optimizes productivity and ensures a positive user experience.

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2) AMD – How Virtualized Graphics Improve the Win 10 Education Experience

AMDVDI has also become very popular in educational environments. Educational institutions value VDI for the cost-savings potential, but also for the rich user experience that VDI enables for teachers and students. This paper describes how hardware based virtualized graphics technology perfectly complements Citrix VDI in enabling everything from (standard) Windows 10 environments to the most advanced graphics applications.

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3) Fujitsu – How Financial Institutions Can Leverage Thin Clients

FujitsuFinancial organizations exist to serve their customers. Whether professionals are trading stocks or underwriting loans, they depend on their company’s computing infrastructure for reliable access to real-time data in order to meet their clients’ needs. This White Paper describes how thin clients make centralization easier to manage. It will also discuss the joint Fujitsu and Citrix solution as well as the benefits of improved performance, security and flexibility for financial organizations.

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4) HP – How Thin Clients Aid Healthcare Virtualization

HPThe healthcare industry is under enormous pressure to adapt to new technologies. The need to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency and comply with government mandates are compelling healthcare organizations to keep up with the times. This paper discusses how HP Thin Clients improve clinician and administrator workflows through virtualization in the healthcare industry. It also describes how HP Thin Clients work with Citrix VDI to provide a secure, centralized solution.

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5) IGEL – How to Protect Endpoints in a Healthcare Setting

IGELHospitals are busy places, and clinicians are busy people. Much of that “busy-ness” revolves around the clinical workstation, where the real work in a healthcare environment gets done. This paper outlines solutions for endpoint management that enhance device security and performance, while simultaneously helping IT administrators manage their endpoints with greater ease, and in far less time.

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6) Micro Focus – Optimizing Financial Operations Tied to Mainframe Systems

Micro FocusFor decades, financial institutions have relied on mission-critical applications and data that reside on every type of host platform — AS/400, UNIX, Linux, Unisys, HP, and especially mainframe. This paper outlines some of the challenges faced by financial organizations that depend on older mainframe applications. The paper also showcases a Micro Focus® (formerly Attachmate®) terminal emulation solution, Reflection Desktop, and discusses how this solution integrates with Citrix to provide a secure, centrally managed experience for host system users.

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7) Olympus – How Digital Dictation Saves Time without Compromising Security

OlympusModern healthcare workers, unfortunately, must attend to administrative tasks. The time they spend on clerical chores now occupies a massive percentage of their time. This paper discusses how a speech-to-text solution, in partnership with Citrix virtual environments, can save time for clinicians every day — time that can be spent with patients. Also discussed are the benefits that the right speech-to-text solutions can provide to IT professionals in the healthcare industry.

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8) Pure Storage – How to Make Clinician’s Lives Easier

Pure StorageHealthcare organizations are navigating a time of unprecedented change. Soaring costs, declining revenues and ever-expanding government mandates have impacted healthcare organizations across the globe. This paper provides an overview of key healthcare trends that are impacting IT agility and clinicians’ efficiency. Also discussed are the benefits of coupling an all-flash storage system with a VDI environment, allowing provider organizations to overcome challenges and see the promise of VDI.

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9) – How to Leverage Virtual Printing in a Healthcare Citrix VDI Environment

UniPrintAt its most basic level, healthcare revolves around a never-ending cycle of critical emergencies. Indeed, all healthcare professionals spend every day in a very demanding, very stressful environment. It is not a place for printing problems. This paper details some of the printing related challenges faced by clinicians and healthcare IT personnel. It shows how virtualized printing can reduce or eliminate all of these challenges.

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10) Wacom – How to (Finally) Get a Paperless Medical Workflow

Paperwork is the bane of healthcare professionals everywhere. While most professions are burdened with their share of administrative chores, it is likely that no other industry is as overwhelmed with paperwork as healthcare. This White Paper outlines key healthcare trends and the related benefits of moving toward a paperless healthcare environment. It also explains how paperless solutions can improve organizations’ ability to comply with regulatory requirements on electronic health records.

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