The Citrix Ready Spotlight Video Contest is back! It’s time, once again, for Citrix Ready partners to bring out their best Citrix-verified products and solutions, and creatively showcase their prowess through an engaging video!

Nowadays, even superheroes are seemingly teaming up together to deal with a common enemy. They bring with them their unique powers that complement the others, and form an unstoppable force together. Well, the big challenges and opponents too elicit such a combined response to come out victorious!

In their quest for growth and solution implementation, Enterprises and industries alike are facing varied opposition, and products and solutions are coming together to meet them head-on. A Citrix Ready product is more often than not doing its thing in a unique environment. A virtualized atmosphere, connected to the cloud or maybe just securing the infrastructure it is in.

Through this contest, we want our partners to depict this working and capability of their Citrix verified products and solutions. A video is a great way to convey this and provides the flexibility to expand on your imagination, while showing the features, and the way in which the product or solution handles such scenarios in any particular industry. Thus, the videos can be classified under two themes:


Our contest runs from July to August 2017 to allow you to create and submit the video. We let customers and viewers decide on the best videos through votes. Citrix Ready will ensure that the video creations get the most viewership through:

  • Feature on Citrix Ready YouTube Channel
  • Enriched Citrix Ready Marketplace profile
  • Tag on our social channels

There are exciting lead-gen campaigns in store for the winning videos! The video will be our vehicle for joint-marketing campaigns, and spread the word further on the Citrix Ready product or solution. The video will also be the base for other collaterals like ebrochures or infographics, based on the content.

All you need to do is submit your video and then garner viewers to your video during the voting stage.

Visit our contest page here to begin.