I am Subhash Kaja, and I want to share a story based on the experience we have as customer-facing team (previously, we were known as the WhiteGlove and Mobility Experts Team) for Mobility and XenMobile InterOp Components. Our belief is “NEITHER are all Customers are same NOR are all Customer’s XenMobile environments the same; EVERY Customer is unique and EVERY customer’s XenMobile environment is unique.”

Most of the time, we strive to fix customer-reported configuration related issues within a short time, however, sometimes it takes little longer than we expect. This happens because each time we wanted to fix, we either need to have prior experience fixing a particular issue or we will have to validate in-house one more time before we can recommend a fix to a customer. In the initial days of XenMobile, it was very challenging, however, now it is much easier and we are quick to fix configuration-related issues. The issues you observe could be fixed by using one or more options as mentioned below.

Before opening a support case, we recommend you use these steps:

  1. Use XenMobile Analyzer (Citrix login required) in here: https://xmanalyzer.xm.citrix.com/
    • For more details on the tool, Click HERE.
    • You can configure checkpoints to run on an automatic schedule with results sent to a list of users email you configure, Click HERE to know how.
  2. Go through the list of articles (How-To’s and Troubleshooting Guides) mentioned in here (you can bookmark these links):
  3. Find documentation in here: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xenmobile.html
  4. For general queries, you can use live chat
  5. If you are still facing issues, after you have run through the recommended steps, please open a support case for further investigation.

This is our story, our self service, our drive to successfully deliver XenMobile. It’s our hope that you have success in proactive self-service for configurations, troubleshooting and understanding XenMobile.

Thank you,
Subhash Kaja

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