Are you thinking about moving to the cloud? If so, now is the time to do it! The XenMobile Service provides many different offerings to help customers with this transition to the cloud, including:

  • Special hybrid purchasing offerings
  • Simple and quick XenMobile Service Onboarding led by our Rapid Deployment Team
  • Transition documents and best practice guides
  • QuickStart Services and Consulting on-site/remote engagements
  • Customer Success Manager

There are so many reasons why it’s the perfect time to transition to the cloud. Getting ready to move your Secure Apps to the Public App Store, starting with a fresh XenMobile Service environment, enrolling into a fresh XenMobile Service environment, getting ready to make the move to Azure AD, starting with a fresh XenMobile Service environment, your cellular contract coming up for renewal and the need to distribute new devices — the list goes on and on.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to start this transition and we make it easier for you to get started. Even if you are still running XenMobile 9 and dreading the upcoming end-of-life date, you can build a new, parallel environment instead of migrating your existing legacy data that may or may not still be relevant. As a MDM admin, your primary focus is to ensure enrolled devices are secure, devices can access the necessary resources, and the corporate data on the device is containerized. The cleanup process of legacy policies and application sometimes takes a back seat to your primary responsibilities, and migrating this legacy data on top of existing production data to a brand new XenMobile 10 environment can lead to unnecessary stress and possible issues. With the transition to the cloud, you smoothly move over the policies and application that you are currently using, while leaving the legacy “junk” behind.

Take a look at the cloud transition plan below and get discover how XenMobile Service Onboarding makes your transition to the cloud easier:


Site assessment – Which Citrix offering do you go with? We can help with this decision based on your current on-premises environment specs.

Expectations and limitations – Re-enrollment will be necessary for your end-user community. We offer many hybrid solutions to help ease this transition over time and not all in bulk. From a feature stand-point, XenMobile Service includes new features and functionality weeks before our on-premises versions thanks to our Cloud-First model.

Enterprise connectivity parametersCloud Connector will help you securely connect your on-premises Active Directory with your XenMobile Service.

XenMobile site provisioning – With the help of the XenMobile Rapid Deployment Team, site provisioning could not be any easier. All we need is a site name (, and you can choose the region where you want to host your XenMobile Service. We’ll take care of the rest. If you want to go with our XenMobile Premium Service, we offer assistance with your on-premises NetScaler Gateway configuration as well.

XenMobile configuration – Citrix has many offerings to help with this step. We have also created a useful guide to help with this transition that includes tips/tricks, step-by-step transition flow as well as a few reports and SQL queries to ensure you only move over relevant data and not the legacy info:

Device re-enrollment – Re-enrollment is necessary but our hybrid offerings give customers up to 24 months to make this transition much easier.

What does the XenMobile Service Architecture look like?


As you can see from the above diagram, the architecture looks very similar to your existing on-premises environment. All of the XenMobile Service components (Green) are in a clustered pair to ensure our 99.9% uptime. Our Cloud Connector technology integrates most of your on-premises resources to the cloud-hosted components – LDAP, PKI and your XenApp/XenDesktop application enumeration within Secure Hub.

Please contact your local Citrix Sales Rep to get a XenMobile Service trial started and get a first-hand experience how our cloud can help you!

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