Searching for a way to reduce mobile user support tickets? How would you and your IT mobility team like to receive email alerts that let you know if something has changed within your XenMobile infrastructure that will impact your users? Did you know that all XenMobile 10 customers have access to a free service that can do just that? No, then read on.

40percent-of-users-no-callCitrix XenMobile Analyzer is a free, one-stop, cloud service for diagnosing any XenMobile-related issues, whether it’s an on-prem or cloud deployment. Any XenMobile administrator that has a MyCitrix account can use it to access any of the five tests the Analyzer provides.

The tests included are the XenMobile Environment test, the NetScaler Configuration test, the Secure Mail test, which helps with sorting out ActiveSync issues, Server Connectivity tools which advise on configuring your servers and Citrix Insight Services which provides information about your infrastructure.

Creating a proactive operational service only requires using the XenMobile Environment Test. These are the checks the test performs:


The resulting report will flag any areas that require attention. Wherever you see an Alert symbol, click the Book icon on that row to see the related Knowledge Base article for correcting the issue.

Schedule the test to run automatically (by entering 6 pieces of information – time, time zone, recipient email list, etc.), and you will receive an email report with a PDF of the report details.


So, by simply scheduling your test to run automatically, you have turned a diagnostic tool into an operational service. For example, set the test to run an hour prior to when your users typically log in and you’ll be alerted to any change, and have a headstart in correcting issues before your users are impacted.

There is now a 3-episode video series available in the XenMobile Resource Library on

  • Episode 1: Citrix XenMobile Analyzer – How it works
    • In this episode, the XenMobile Analyzer is introduced, with step-by-step instructions on how to use it.
  • Episode 2: Scheduling Health Checks
    • In this episode, simple step-by-step instructions are shown for how to turn the XenMobile Analyzer into a proactive operational service by easily setting schedules for your XenMobile environment health checks.
  • Episode 3: NetScaler Configuration Check
    • In this episode, simple step-by-step instructions are shown for what’s involved in running the NetScaler configuration check from the XenMobile Analyzer.
    • Note: you can run this test from the XenMobile Analyzer or from NetScaler – it’s the same test. Many organizations have one IT group for mobile devices/apps, and a separate group for networks. The option to run it from the XenMobile Analyzer allows IT folks responsible for mobile devices/apps, but not the network, to run this test.

This tool was shown in the Synergy 2017 booth and we found many people were not aware of it. When shown what it was, how simple it is to use and how it can be used as a proactive operational service, they were delighted.

Click Here to check it out. Login using your MyCitrix account credentials. Click on the green card “Analyze and Troubleshoot my XenMobile environment” to create a health check and then to schedule it for execution.

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