HCI, VDI, and other three-letter acronyms

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Citrix is repeating its Gold sponsor at Nutanix’ premier industry event, #NEXTConf. And it also should come as no surprise that Citrix has been asked to participate in activities far beyond the standard expo floor.

WARNING – Geek Humor Ahead!

Now, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret about this conference and your silence is golden. Golden like the OS Layer in a Citrix AppLayering design… Oops. I should warn you about oncoming Geek Jokes. If you are like me (o, not a clone of me, please, just similar) then you don’t like to search the entire conference session catalog to find the content that’s relevant to you. That’s like having a nut allergy and eating the whole box of Cracker Jacks anyway, just to get the toy surprise at the bottom. So, let me cut to the chase (what the heck does that mean anyway?)

Citrix Sessions at Nutanix .NEXT

  • “VDI the way IT was meant to be”
    • Wednesday 3:25 PM – Cherry Blossom Ballroom
  • “Citrix and Nutanix VDI: Everything You Need to Know”
    • Thursday June 29 1:45 PM
  • “The Cube Live Stream – Interview with Calvin Hsu”
    • Thursday June 29 3:50 PM
  • “Deliver Any Application, Anywhere, Anytime”Friday
    • Friday June 30 11:10 AM

With all the announcements from Nutanix about their support and extending Citrix solution in the Enterprise Cloud Platform, this event is sure to be a hit (are we extending a baseball theme now?) Oh, and I have some great cloud demos planned in Citrix’ booth G7 that are sure to knock it out of the park (oh no, I am doing a baseball thing).

So, don’t walk, RUN! to Nutanix #.NEXTconf and visit me and all my teammates in the Citrix dugout as we throw technological fastballs straight down the outside corner (I promise I’ll stop soon … maybe).

OK, okay. That’s it for me. I’m getting pulled off the mound and my relief blogger is getting called in from the bullpen (I said “maybe,” sheesh!) See you in Washington, DC!