When you have a bunch of rockstar performers in your firm, you provide them with the finest instruments around and sit back and enjoy the show. The Law Offices of Lewis Brisbois, an LA based firm with over 1100 employees, did exactly that. Details of their digital workspace transformation came out today in a Cisco press release and a joint case study.

The firm was concerned with aging infrastructure that was not keeping up with the pace of change and that was slowing down the ability of its attorneys to leverage their time effectively. A key concern was end-user satisfaction — in the case study, senior executives are quoted as saying that they were worried their top performers might move to a competing firm if they could not provide the best performance to make them as efficient as possible. They looked for a new way to deliver their business-critical applications that would be cost effective, lightning fast, would scale with the business needs, and would provide secure, anywhere access to sensitive client documents and data.

The choice was clear: they went with Cisco HyperFlex and Citrix XenDesktop.

With HyperFlex, they got an industry-leading UCS-based hyperconverged (HCI) platform that is easy to stand up with no need to worry about architecture and design phases. HCI, as we know, is pre-tested and pre-configured with the proper levels of compute, networking, and storage for the given workload. HyperFlex can also be easily scaled up in either compute or storage dimensions as the needs of the firm evolve. With XenDesktop, they get the industry’s leading app and desktop virtualization solution that enables secure delivery of user desktops and business-critical applications to any device including the attorneys’ personal devices.

With the best instruments around, the band is now ready to rock in their next leg as Lewis Brisbois reaps the benefits of higher productivity and better performance. To learn more, visit the Citrix (#2329) booth at Cisco Live in Las Vegas next week or attend my sessions:

  • World of Solutions Theater booth #4223 presentation on Monday, June 26 @ 1:30pm (Session ID: SOLCLD-1003):  “Enabling secure delivery of apps and desktops to accelerate digital business with Citrix and Cisco.”
  • World of Solutions Cisco Campus Data Center Education Zone presentation on Tuesday, June 27 @ 2:40pm: “Accelerate your workforce with Citrix and Cisco secure delivery of apps and desktops.”
  • Citrix in-booth sessions on “Citrix and Cisco App & Desktop Virtualization” at 4pm Monday 6/26, Tuesday 6/27, or Wednesday 6/28 at booth #2329

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