We understand that each industry vertical is unique and comes with its own specific requirements. At Citrix Ready, we’ve collaborated with our top partners to tailor solutions specific to your industry vertical.

I’d like to announce the Citrix Ready Vertical Solutions Program with several solutions in the offering. Through this program, we address the uniqueness that your vertical exhibits and offer a ‘blended flavor’ of Citrix and Citrix Partner joint solutions!

Citrix Ready Vertical Solution Program for Education, Healthcare, and Financial Services showcases Citrix-compatible solutions that address specific industry challenges. Citrix pioneers to meet your desktop, apps, and data delivery demands, essential in answering your industry challenges, trends and use cases in mobility and security space. With this program, we are picking few of our partners that solve unique mobility and security based use cases.

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I am particularly pleased with the deep technical dives and the broad range of use cases that we covered through this program. The partner products range from Thin Clients, Printing Solutions, Signature Pads, Storage Solutions, independent software vendors (ISVs) and Graphic Solutions. We realize how IT Managers or influencers, responsible for strategic IT initiatives in an organization need to cover the breadths and depths of a technology in order to make a good purchase decision. Citrix Ready aims to help you achieve that. If you are interested to read more of such industry-focused White Papers, feel free to share your feedback here. For more industry specific solutions, do check out the industry section in Citrix Ready Marketplace.

Patient care will get easier with our healthcare industry recommendations

Clinicians rely on Citrix to securely access their full desktops, EHR apps, and data from any device, anywhere. This trend is expected to only grow as the adoption of clinician applications rise. It’s predicted to grow at 20% CAGR through 2020. With such strong credentials, we have picked a few partners that can help modernize your healthcare IT one notch up. Together, our joint solution can:

  • Improve clinician access, workflow, and experience
  • Make IT more agile and flexible
  • Enhance security and compliance

Here are the specific use cases that we have covered:

  • How to Protect Endpoints in a Healthcare Setting (powered by iGEL)
  • How to (Finally) Get a Paperless Medical Workflow (powered by Wacom)
  • How to Leverage Virtual Printing in a Healthcare Citrix VDI Environment (powered by UniPrint)
  • How to Make Clinician’s Lives Easier (powered by Pure Storage)
  • How Digital Dictation Saves Time Without Compromising Security (powered by Olympus)

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Improved mobility and best of user experience for financial services

If you are in the financial services industry, chances are that you are in a constant firefight mode responding to compliance mandates, cyber security threats and consumer and employee demands, while providing the seamless experiences and business continuity needed to maintain a competitive edge. Hence, we broadly cover your need to:

  •  Add workplace flexibility
  •  Leverage virtualized and secure high-value business critical apps
  •  Centralize, streamline and secure IT

These joint solutions can help you with your organization’s goal for digital transformation. Here are the specific use cases covered:

  • How Financial Institutions Can Leverage Thin Clients (powered by Fujitsu)
  • Optimizing Financial Operations Tied to Mainframe Systems (powered by Micro Focus)
  • How 10ZiG Thin and Zero Clients Improve Citrix VDI Performance

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Powering the future of teaching and learning

When responsible for IT in the education sector, it is critical to only staff resources that can directly contribute to student success. Hence, schools at all levels adopt instruction learning based on students’ individual needs and empower instructors, researchers, and administrators to do their best work. Together our joint solutions help you:

  • Enable a mobile campus app store
  • Redesign learning spaces
  • Provide business and learning continuity
  • Secure student information & research data

Here are the specific use cases we cover:

  • How Virtualized Graphics Improve the Win 10 Education Experience. (powered by AMD)
  • More to come…

Please note that we would be dissolving this result page soon and move the partner White Papers into our Citrix Ready Marketplace that covers a broader range of partner solutions. So, gain access to the White Papers now and enjoy the taste till it lasts. 😉