We are living in a rapidly changing world. Broad adoption of new technologies is transforming how we work and live.

Citrix is excited to play a role in this ongoing digital transformation by empowering people and organizations to seize the opportunities it offers. In May, at Citrix Synergy 2017, we shared how we see the “future of work” and our vision for a better way to interact with technologies—people-centric, secure, flexible, and productive.

Today, approximately half of the people participating in economic activity consider themselves “digital natives.” They grew up with technology and they expect to be connected with it at all times, from the devices they carry to the clouds and services they use. For this new generation, work is no longer a place—it is an activity.

At the same time, it is important to keep in mind the other half of the workforce—those of us who joined digital revolution as adults, or who are still making this transition. Organizations must be focused on “digital dexterity” to ensure that all of their people can participate in digital transformation. This involves both cultural and technological advances—starting with modernization and simplification of business process and applications, continuously looking at new ways to automate and, of course, ensuring the digital literacy of the entire workforce.

Technology adoption as a driving force

The cloud has been a prime enabler across a broad range of new technologies in recent years, including mobility, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, IoT, and more. While almost every organization on earth embracing public cloud, it is also important to be thoughtful about existing investments and environments. Citrix believes in the hybrid cloud approach, allowing our customers to take the most out of the public and private clouds and existing on-premises deployments.

We see that more than 90 percent of companies are now friendly to BYOD policies that address the needs of the new mobile generation of workers. Citrix is focused on ensuring both the flexibility of end users and the security and control of IT by delivering the most comprehensive enterprise mobility management solutions.

While mobile workstyles become the norm, reimagining the actual physical workplace is also an important priority for organizations. People need a modern, advanced environment in which they can come together and collaborate. Intelligently connected devices and the internet of everything enables new, unique workplace scenarios across the industries. At Synergy 2017, we demonstrated Workplace Experiences — the way Citrix envisions, working in close cooperation with our partners, how the future of work looks.

We see artificial intelligence as one of the most exciting next waves of digital revolution. It is predicted that companies who embrace intelligence-driven processes will have a $1.2 trillion advantage in marketplaces. At the same time, most organizations say they are not yet prepared for handling the data they have, much less the data that intelligent machines will deliver in the future. Citrix is committed to helping our customers close this gap.

Dealing with the cyber security challenges ahead

A world of pervasive, mobile, multi-network connectivity creates an ever-larger surface to protect. Organizations need a way to secure their infrastructure without increasing complexity, and, in the face of unprecedented cyber threats, they need to do it all proactively.

The world is under attack. Those threatening our enterprises are no longer hobbyists, but terrorists with unimaginable resources to form cyber security attacks and weaponized technology. A Citrix survey conducted by the Ponemon institute found that a vast majority of companies — nearly 80 percent — see the need for a new approach to cyber security. In fact, in the next few years, companies will spend more than $1 trillion on cyber security efforts.

Yet, simply spending more is not going to solve all of our security challenges. Adding to the complexity of systems only adds to vulnerabilities. Today, companies are using 30-40 add-on security products that may not be all needed. In addition, they are focusing on securing and protecting devices when the information those attackers are trying to steal lives in myriad places. WannaCry, possibly the largest ransomware attack in history, is just a taste of what lies ahead. Attacks are not going to stop, and attackers are only going to get smarter and more cunning.

All of these ideas—the coming trends in technology changes and adoption and the new threats from cyber security—are the reasons why Citrix is investing heavily to help you embrace digital dexterity and secure and protect your enterprise.

Delivering the workspaces of the future

We need to harness rapidly evolving technology advances to power the workspaces of the future while helping organizations become more secure. For the last 12 months, Citrix has been focused on executing on our strategy to deliver the world’s best-integrated cloud services for the secure delivery of apps and data. We have worked tirelessly toward that goal, and at Synergy 2017, we reported that we have delivered on every single promise and more.

Our focused execution enables Citrix to be the #1 provider of Secure Digital Workspaces for companies of all sizes. And we are now poised to deliver an industry-leading modern digital workspace service that is unified, secure, contextual, and modular, to help our customers improve the digital dexterity of their businesses and reimagine how and where work gets done.

At Citrix Synergy, we made several big announcements that will help us deliver on this promise. First, we announced Citrix Workspace, a unified experience for all of our products on a single platform, offered as a service to you. The Citrix Secure Digital Workspace Service gives users access to all of their apps and documents in a single place, regardless of where the app or data is hosted—mobile, public cloud, private cloud, local or on-prem. The service provides native device integration, delivering a seamless experience on any device.

This service offers both contextual access and performance, so users see only the apps and data they can access from any given location. And contextual performance means that the workspace adapts to what is being shared or accessed—whether it’s a small data file or a large video file, it makes no difference in the end user experience.

As an answer to our commitment to cyber security, we announced the new Citrix Analytics Service, which offers a unique, 360-degree view of user behavior and context. Citrix has access to a lot of critical data—from networking and desktops to a myriad of business files—and so we can deliver a turn-key, autonomous system that can enforce granular security policy controls across our products.

Taking a closer look at security also means reassessing how we view networking. As the traditional network perimeter becomes a thing of the past, we’re enabling a software-defined perimeter designed to secure access and protect data in any scenario. Security is being built into every aspect of our strategy and technologies.

And to add to our commitment, we have announced the new Citrix Security Practice in our professional services organization. This practice is a focused group of security professionals who can help you assess your environment, workspaces and overall networking strategy, and help you create this software-defined perimeter.

Only Citrix has the edge to deliver the modern, adaptive, digital workspace that the market requires, and only we can give users and IT both the experience they desire.

Citrix is powering the future of work

The Citrix Secure Digital Workspace is our answer to the future needs of the enterprise. By focusing on empowering the workforce with tools designed around its needs, we can unleash its full creativity, bring new talent from new places into the organization, and help the components of the business work and collaborate more effectively. We can ensure that people who touch customers, wherever they may be, are equipped with the most current and relevant information, as well as the most innovative tools and capabilities, so they can excel at what they do for those customers. That’s how you keep a business on the leading edge of productivity.

At Citrix, the future of work begins every day. And on a personal note, for the last 16 months with the company, this has been my driving motivation: to help Citrix — and all of our people, customers, and partners, as well as the industry at large — realize and truly deliver the future of work. The Citrix Secure Digital Workspace is an important part of that picture and an important example of the dramatically accelerated innovation we will deliver.

At Citrix Synergy 2017, it was my great honor to report that Citrix had delivered on every single one of our promises from the previous year, and to take a look ahead at articulating a clear vision, strategy and product roadmap to support it. We are laser-focused on achieving our mission. In everything we do, we are relentlessly driven to make work more productive, secure and human-centric, wherever and however business takes place. That is a future worth believing in.