Picture the chaos and confusion at a four-way intersection when there’s no traffic light or signs. The same thing can happen in your Citrix environment – unless you know how to use the traffic management capabilities of NetScaler.

Through load balancing/global server load balancing, content switching and optimization, NetScaler acts as a traffic cop in the middle of the intersection. It automatically routes client and server requests to the servers that are able to accept them, reduces transaction time and improves availability.

Get trained on traffic management

You can learn to use these powerful NetScaler traffic management components by taking an updated course from Citrix Education that is based on the latest product release – version 12. The following topics are just a taste of what’s covered in available July 10.

  • Content switching allows a single point of entry to host multiple services (like XenDesktop, XenMobile and ShareFile). Based on the content requested by the user, NetScaler will direct the traffic to the appropriate server.
  • Traffic optimization features (such as compression and caching) reduce transaction times between clients and servers and lower bandwidth consumption. They also enhance server performance by offloading some tasks and making others more efficient. For example, front end optimization reduces render time for web pages.
  • Global server load balancing (GSLB) supports disaster recovery planning and ensures uninterrupted availability of apps and other resources by protecting against points of failure in a WAN.

This five-day course begins with NetScaler Essentials – platforms, architecture, licensing and functionality. You will learn about key NetScaler capabilities such as high availability, security and performance, and explore SSL offload, load balancing and monitoring. Then, the traffic management portion of the curriculum will cover AppExpert policy engines, the Rewrite and Responder features, Secure Web Gateway and TriScale clustering technology.

CNS-220 is designed for networking professionals who are new to NetScaler, and those who have NetScaler experience but want to update their skills.

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New in NetScaler 12

This course has been updated to reflect the latest features and functionality provided by NetScaler 12, which include:

  • AppExpert: Now enables you to use URL sets to blacklist up to 1 million URLs
  • Admin partitions: Have been enhanced with the ability to configure rate-limiting SNMP traps for each admin partition
  • Global Server Load Balancing: Received a huge flexibility upgrade with the addition of a wizard to expedite configuration
  • Wildcards: Version 12 added support for wildcards with DNS domains

Value-add: Recertification

The CNS-220 course also offers you a fast track to recertification.

Is your CCP-N certification about to expire? (Or has it recently expired?) The new Citrix Recertification Program automatically recertifies you when you complete certain courses – such as the CNS-220 course – without having to take and pass the exam.

For more information on the Recertification Program and to sign up for your class, please click here and a Citrix Education representative will contact you.