If you’re at HPE Discover in Las Vegas this week, stop by the Citrix booth #105 to find out why this is the year of the cloud for XenMobile enterprise mobility management solutions. With new pricing and service programs to support cloud transitions, we’re seeing tremendous interest for the simplified cloud-based deployment model known as the XenMobile Service.

What are the benefits of the XenMobile Service?

  • Faster deployment — as fast as 2 hours.
  • No up-front costs. Minimal-to-no infrastructure.
  • Access to new features & bug fixes before on-prem.
  • Peace of mind with 99.9% up-time.
  • No co-mingling of customer data.
  • Predictable budget.
  • Pay and get value as you go.
  • Integration with Citrix Cloud for quick on-boarding (see below)


Special pricing for existing customers

We’ve put together some special transitional pricing that allows on-prem perpetual XenMobile license holders to transition to the cloud at a much lower subscription rate. For example, a 1-year XenMobile Premium Service subscription has an SRP of $133/user/year. With the transitional pricing program for existing on-prem customers the cost of the same subscription is $60/user/year AND includes software maintenance. Click HERE to check out my previous blog post that describes the great value of XenMobile transitional pricing.

Next question. How can Citrix help you get there?

We realize that words like transition and migration can be scary so we’ve put in place some services and programs to help you meet your goals.  We measure our success by your success.

Once you’ve decided on Citrix Cloud there are a number of Cloud Adoption Services at your disposal.   First, we will assign you a personal Customer Success Manager who will help you achieve your desired outcomes.  The Customer Success Manager will serves as a liaison to our cloud ops Rapid Deployment Team who will assist with initial site configuration and Enterprise Connectivity.  These free services will help you maximize customer adoption over time.

We also have QuickStart services available for customers who require additional assistance from our professional services organization. Please contact your local Citrix partner or rep for more information on these services.

Take advantage of XenMobile Service starting today.

If you’re considering enterprise mobility from the cloud, now is the time to do it. Integration with Citrix Cloud makes for an easy transition while the special pricing allows you to make the move for a fraction of the cost.