Recognizing that increasingly more customers were embracing mobility as part of their digital transformation journey, Citrix embarked on a journey to shift XenMobile from an EMM-only strategy to one that incorporates EMM as part of an overall Secure Digital Workspace Solution.

As part of this journey, we integrated XenMobile with Citrix Cloud. As a result, customers can not only deploy XenMobile in as little as two hours, but they’re also able to leverage other Citrix Workspace Services, all of which can be easily administered through a centralized console. With this integration, XenMobile is the most comprehensive EMM/Workspace solution delivered in the cloud. Users benefit from this by being able to access all their apps, including Windows desktop, SaaS, virtual, and mobile apps through a universal app store.

Our journey also included development efforts to seamlessly integrate XenMobile with Microsoft EMS for customers adopting O365 as part of their Workspace. At Citrix Synergy, Brad Anderson, Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Enterprise Client and Mobility Team (ECM,) joined PJ Hough, Citrix SVP of Product, to demonstrate XenMobile Connector for EMS. XenMobile Connector for EMS (which will be delivered as a feature of our XenMobile and Citrix Workspace solution) provides additional security and productivity benefits for EMS customers. For example, EMS customers will be able to secure data in transit between a mobile device and resources behind their firewall using Citrix microVPN. EMS users will have access to XenMobile’s productivity and other apps via Citrix Workspace. No other EMM vendor offers a similar solution for EMS customers.

Also at Synergy, we demonstrated the integration of a user’s personal calendar with their work calendar using XenMobile’s secure productivity apps — providing users a better work/life experience.

The fact that Citrix Workspace Services (which includes XenMobile) grew by 76% in Q1 this year in comparison to Q4 2016 and XenMobile Services grew by 61% during the same period, tells us that the journey we started over a year ago will continue to be successful for Citrix and our customers.