Congratulations, you’ve made the commitment to move to the cloud. There are several options available to the enterprise cloud consumer today, to not only help you economize your IT infrastructure but to increase your business’ operational efficiencies.

But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your long-awaited destiny with the cloud will similarly take some time and careful planning. Enterprise organizations are choosing a hybrid cloud strategy to extend their investments in existing on-premises infrastructure, while supporting new application resources in the public cloud.

Citrix, if you haven’t noticed, is also talking Cloud. A lot. Citrix Workspace has been transformed into a cloud-sourced offering branded as Citrix Cloud, and now NetScaler has risen to the challenge of Cloud. NetScaler in its virtual form can now thrive in a highly automated, and elastic cloud architecture. Bringing market leading performance, and a holistic solution when paired with NetScaler Management and Analytics System for app delivery in the hybrid enterprise cloud.


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