People love using local Citrix Partners — and it’s easy to see why. Once you’ve worked with a Partner for a while, you develop a strong, valuable relationship. You understand them, but more importantly, they understand you – and what your business needs.

Now, with the arrival of our new Services Delivery Program, we’re combining the value of using a local Citrix Partner with the power of our own Citrix Consulting IP.

The program gives our Partners access to proven, Citrix-developed delivery guides, tools, training and assistance. So, whether you need help designing a solution that’s right the first time or optimizing your infrastructure, you can get the assistance you need, straight from the people who know you best.

The bottom line? It’s the best of both worlds.

Simply put, the Citrix Services Delivery Program means that you can enjoy the best of both worlds: Consulting Services based on Citrix IP, with the local expertise of your chosen Partner.

It makes globally proven Services available to everyone, delivered by Citrix-trained and certified professionals with deep local expertise.

Identify excellence with Services Delivery Certification.

Something else new that’s arriving alongside the Services Delivery Program is the Citrix Services Delivery Certification. It’s a new mark of distinction, designed to help you quickly and easily spot Partners that have been through our rigorous training and assessment process.

To become certified, Partners must:

  • Complete the same training as our own in-house consultants and engineers.
  • Demonstrate robust knowledge and understanding of the Citrix Services portfolio in a formal exam.
  • Have a proven track record for delivering Services and enabling customer success.

When you see that a Partner has achieved Citrix Services Delivery certification, you can be confident in the quality of Consulting Services that they deliver.

Better Services. Bigger successes.

Our new Services Delivery Program makes it easier than ever before to get the most from your Citrix investments – and your relationships with our Partners.

Hopefully this post has helped you understand what the program means for you – and your business. To find a Partner in the Services Delivery Program, head over to our Partner locator.