Customers and partners who attend Citrix Synergy 2017 in Orlando, May 23–25, have a great opportunity to see Citrix solutions in action and dive deep into the technologies that are shaping the workspace of the future. More than just a product showcase, the Citrix Booth Experience is a powerful reminder of how Citrix innovation impacts real environments and transforms outcomes across industries. I’m looking forward to showing off the booth’s new features, including:

Workspace Experience Center

The best way to understand the Citrix story is to experience it hands-on. The three storylines of the Workspace Experience CenterHealthcare, SmartSpace & Red Bull Racing—use a broad range of the Citrix stack of technologies, as well as some of our more innovative technologies, which you can see in action in the booth. It’s an exciting way to experience Citrix technologies embedded in real-world environments.

In Healthcare, you’ll see a nurse’s station that works with technologies, including Open Space with Asset Tracking, as nurses handle triage submissions through Secure Forms. Other scenarios show doctors accessing electronic medical records from their office plus Workspace Hub from a tablet in the diagnosis room so they can work with EMR and show them to patients on a large screen. You’ll see how the doctor would roam around the hospital, work from a centralized application set, and secure information into ShareFile for auditing and tracking purposes. The WEC is designed to be interactive, so you can pick up the iPad and be the doctor yourself: grab an Imprivata card, sign in to a workspace environment, have the EMR app turn up, and interact with it.

The SmartSpace concept begins as if a person were coming into the office in the morning and greeted with OpenSpace, where they can find a hot desk they can use for the day. From there, they can move on to a shared space such as a smart conference room, which begins the setup of the room when they walk in, launching a presentation from ShareFile or Skype for Business, setting mood lighting, all the things a smart conference room would have. SmartSpace features our HDX Ready Pi, Workspace Hub and beacon technologies and gives the idea of an autonomous experience as you move around the office. There’s great integration across the board of existing products with some of the more innovative conceptual platforms that are available for use but not yet productized.

I won’t go into too much detail into what we’re going to be doing in the Red Bull Racing Experience—you’ll have to stop by at Synergy to see the surprises we have in store! We’ll have plenty of content-based demonstrations as well as the V2R Experience, and you’ll have a chance to get technical with the team and ask how Red Bull Racing is working with Citrix technologies.

Product Pods and other booth features

Beyond the walls of the Workspace Experience Center are 12 Product Pods comprising 36 demos grouped to flow from the pods to the WEC and back again. These are deep-dive demonstrations of technologies, such as HTML 5 redirection video within a browser, NetScaler Analytics or Citrix Cloud technologies, such as Smart Tools. Each three-sided demo pod focuses on a single technology group, with the three stations featuring a deeper look at the latest features and future views from within that solution.

Product demos on the backs of the walls of the WEC are aligned with the technologies inside each experience, so attendees can flow from the experiences into the pods for deep dives and back again, and see the technology in action integrated with others. For example, Octoblu is our platform for building workflows for IoT, for automation and for integration with legacy devices. Within the WEC we’re using it to build workflows of a doctor’s day. On the back of the wall, we’ll extend the WEC experience for a much deeper understanding of the “things”—elements used to build workflows—such as Citrix Receiver, Skype for Business, ShareFile and NetScaler, as well as other interactive devices. The booth will be staffed by product engineers and SMEs, the solutions-minded storytellers who can communicate how Citrix is innovating in this space.  Technical deep dives will be staffed by the engineers who built the demos—they can get into the 1s and 0s with our technical audience and showcase the breadth and depth of the products.

Experts Bar and Operations Center

In the Experts Bar, attendees can meet with rotating groups of experts including product managers, Citrix Consulting, and others who can speak at a high level about roadmaps and solutions. Solution engineers will be on hand to whiteboard solutions, and you’ll walk away with direction on what to do with your own environment.

Finally, if you’re interested in how Citrix technology runs Citrix events, stop by to see the rack gear and infrastructure in the Operations Center, the control and monitoring center of Synergy functions that demonstrates a scalable platform for Citrix Workspace Cloud. They’ll have product demos and whiteboard conversations and show who and what makes up the Citrix ecosystem.

If you’re coming to Orlando for Synergy, I encourage you to leave time to thoroughly explore the Citrix Booth Experience. Hope to see you there.

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