The LUI service is a FREE cloud-based service that has been built for our Citrix Service Provider (CSP) partners to help them simplify, streamline and accurately report their monthly licensing while providing significant business insights into CSP service usage.

In detail, the LUI service enables CSPs to:

  • Collect and aggregate product usage information from Citrix products
  • View which users are accessing XenApp and XenDesktop and CPSM deployments each month
  • Optimize license costs by identifying and tracking a list of free users or units
  • View and understand historic business with Citrix

We are excited to announce that the LUI service now supports CloudPortal Services Manager (CPSM) along with XenApp, XenDesktop and NetScaler.

Using this integration with CPSM, CSP partners will now be able to view the status of their CPSM deployments and understand in detail how each of the CPSM services are being consumed.

LUI continues to prove to be extremely beneficial to our CSP partners, as it provides a consolidated view of their license usage across various products via a single pane of glass. This consolidated view makes it possible for our partners to manage their monthly product license usage and to make critical business decisions.

Deployment Status


This view shows each CPSM deployment that is reporting license usage information back to Citrix Cloud. By checking the last reported date, partners can be assured that the license data in the LUI service is up to date.

Services Report


The services view is the primary view that CSP partners can use to understand the total CPSM license usage across all of their customers.  In this view, license usage data is grouped and organized per-service, which maps directly to how CSPs report and pay Citrix for CPSM licenses. This consolidated view simplifies and streamlines this monthly reporting routine, saving valuable time for CSP partners.

When drilling into a specific service, the usage total is broken down to clearly show which customers are contributing towards that usage.

Customer Report


The Customers view presents the same underlying data as the “Services” view, just in a different format or dimension. This view is great for partners that want to understand what services a specific customer is using or consuming. By selecting a specific customer, a CSP can dig deep in to the CPSM services used by that customer.

The Customer view lists the various customers that are consuming one or more of the services offered by the service providers. A drill-down capability lists each of the services consumed by a specific customer.

However, it should be noted that if the partner determines that an individual customer data is sensitive in nature and should not be sent over to Citrix (however please keep in mind that Citrix keep all its data completely secured), the partner can opt to anonymize the data by changing the call home settings within CPSM. Once the data is anonymized, Citrix will have no means of identifying the customer.

Paid vs. Free CPSM Users

A key benefit of the CSP program is the ability to demonstrate and provide prospective customers a one-month trial. CPSM supports this concept of trial customers and users within the product and this metadata about the trial customer and user is included in the call home data. When viewing CPSM usage in the LUI service, the partner will observe that the usage data will be broken down accordingly as paid vs. free usage.

Please note that unlike the XenApp & XenDesktop support within LUI, free users for CPSM are managed within the CPSM product itself (i.e. not via LUI) and can only be viewed via LUI.

Trend Analysis


Another important feature of LUI is that it allows service providers to access their lifetime reporting history. This is an extremely powerful tool for the service providers as it allows them to analyze trends, understand subscriber growth, and make critical decisions based on this license utilization data.

Call to Action!

To ensure that CPSM deployment status and license usage information is available within LUI, service providers will need to download CPSM version 11.5 Cumulative Update 4 and install the call home package contained within. For more information, please refer to the CPSM version 11.5 support page.