Gartner predicts 85% of enterprises will have started Windows 10 deployments by end of 2017, and by 2019, nearly 100% of companies will have made the switch. If you’re one of those that has already moved—congratulations! Now, how are you going to keep up with those twice-a-year Windows releases?

Toto, I don’t think we’re in Redmond anymore.

Remember in the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy’s world goes from black-and-white to technicolor? That’s kind of how I see Microsoft’s approach to delivering an OS. For the past 15-20 years, the upgrade strategy for a Windows client has been the same. You could count on a release every few years, and you had plenty of time to roll it out to your workforce or even skip a few upgrades. Then you got to stay with it for another 5-10 years, only adding service packs, until the house fell on that version—reaching end of life—and you had to upgrade. This worked for you, your predecessors, and the admins before them. You knew what to expect—it was black-and-white. And it’s part of a bygone era.

There’s no place like The Cloud

Just like when Dorothy opened the door in Oz, Windows 10 opens our world to the cloud—in full technicolor. Customers on Windows 7 are skipping Windows 8 and moving to Windows 10, enabling a wide array of devices along the way. Almost everyone has an active project for Windows 10 to start taking advantage of all the security and performance benefits it has to offer.

The wrinkle—the “flying monkey,” so to speak—is that Windows 10 breaks the traditional way of doing upgrades every 5-7 years, introducing Windows-as-a-Service. Once IT moves to Windows 10, you have just months between upgrades. The first CBB version of Windows 10, will stop receiving security and quality updates as of May 9 2017, with the next one reaching the end by the year!  This changes everything.

Fortunately, a digital workspace can help.

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