This blog post was co-written by Paul Murray & Martin Bosschaart.

Liverpool versus Manchester United. The Boston Red Sox versus the New York Yankees. Nothing gets people more emotive than sporting rivalries. Or so you thought? Many years ago, I was lucky enough to host an event where the question that should never be asked was asked, (say this in a low voice).

MORDOR“Should I use Provisioning Services or Machine Creation Services?”

The ensuing discussion was rather lively. I dare you to try it next time you’re in a room full of Consultants and Pre-Sales engineers. Just ask and watch how the mood gets hotter than the fires of Mordor. Thoroughly entertaining though 🙂

But I digress, that’s not the reason for our session at Synergy.  I’m sure you’ve been confronted with that question yourself. So, what is the correct answer?

waterfallI can promise you now that there is no singular, definitive answer. But join us for SYN305 and we’ll:

  • help you uncover and examine the truth behind the question
  • talk about the common preconceptions and misunderstandings that have helped fuel the question for years
  • provide context to help you make the correct choice for your deployment and survive

Our session, SYN305 – The Citrix Provisioning Survival Guide, is on Thursday, May 25th from 10:30 am – 11:15 am. Come join in the fun and we’ll help you transform those meetings from the Fires of Mordor into scenes more akin to tranquil but purposeful mountain streams.

Hope to see you there. For more information about Synergy, click here.

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Tranquil Waterfall image is mine. 🙂

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