Yesterday, Microsoft announced a new edition of Windows, called Windows 10 S, which offers significant benefits in simplicity, security, and cost effectiveness. This will open up many possibilities for Windows use cases, particularly in education, retail, and other businesses where a streamlined operating system is ideal. More detail on this announcement can be found here:

With any new release of Windows, customers realize how much value Citrix XenApp provides in enabling that transition. For example, with Windows 10 migrations, we see customers using XenApp to host apps that don’t yet work on Windows 10. We also see them leveraging XenApp to run older versions of apps side-by-side with newer versions, either for compatibility reasons or to allow end users to get used to the transition.

With Windows 10 S, we believe XenApp will play an even more critical role for customers making the move to this new operating system. One of the key characteristics of the new edition is that it is designed to only support Microsoft Store applications. This will require some time and effort on the part of ISVs, not to mention a significant effort for in-house and custom developers. So, how will you get all those traditional Win32 apps that you use to run the business today to these new Windows 10 S devices? That’s where Citrix XenApp comes in. We are in the final stages of developing a Citrix Receiver that will be compatible with Windows 10 S, so customers can virtually deliver all the their Win32 apps via XenApp and experience no disruption to their business as they adopt the new operating system.

To learn more, join us at Synergy 2017 May 23-26th in Orlando. There will be more detail and maybe a surprise or two in store when I take the stage during the Technology Showcase on the first day.

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