What’s triggering more NetScaler SDX push vs MPX these Days? Come join Citrix Synergy SYN411 session for all the details!

NetScaler SDX, per virtual instance, just improved significantly for two reasons:

  • Awesome NetScaler SDX engineers just increased the number of cores per virtual instance for our mid-range and high-end models (specifically 14000, 14000-40G and 25000 series).
  • Hardware Receiver Side Scaling (RSS) is now being leveraged with 14000-40G and 25000-40G models

With the latest NetScaler 11.1-52.002 and 12.0 software releases, we now can do 2x better performance using hardware RSS.

SDX can have up to 5 cores per instance, but with latest 12.0 release, this has changed. Because of use case, such as needing more cores for HDX Insight in a dedicated instance, now we can support up to 16 cores in one instance using 25000 series, and up to 10 cores for the 14000-40G.

If you need more performance in your multi-tenant NetScaler SDX appliance, now is the time to upgrade to these latest images. Here are some examples of data you would get in one instance (5 cores) using 14000-40G model and latest build:

  • HTTP throughput would be 50Gbps vs previously 23Gbps
  • Syn Attacks/Sec and DNS Req/Sec is around 7M vs previously +3M
  • AppFW Basic Throughput also doubles while we also see SSL Bulk Encrypted throughput improvements!

The same applies for 25000-40G using 1VM with 9 cores:

  • HTTP throughput would almost triple from 34Gbps to now 110Gbps
  • Same for Syn Attacks/Sec and DNS Req/Sec, it also triples from +4M to now ~15M!!

Definitely something to check out if you have many different workloads on NetScaler SDX and want to improve some of the virtual instance’s performance. If you are attending this coming up Citrix Synergy event in Orlando, I will be talking about this more in details in my Synergy session SYN411 where we really get to the core details.

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