Learn how the NetScaler Suite is helping Enterprises deliver and secure the workspace of the future

It’s Buzz Word Bingo! Well, how else would you describe the modern IT vocabulary around Hybrid cloud App infrastructure,  DevOps, SaaS Apps, Mobility, Security, Big Data, Machine Learning-based Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things?

These terms have become a key part of the technology conversation within enterprises that are in the midst of the “Digital Transformation” tsunami. Security, user experience, and agility are the mainstays of this digital transformation. Over the last few decades, we have witnessed numerous infrastructure macro trends and architectural transformations with each of them aiming to make life easier, better, and more secure for the enterprises and users accessing data and applications. IT organizations have been  struggling to play catch-up as each new architecture shift ends up disturbing the steady state equilibrium between security, user experience, manageability, visibility, and compliance.

Citrix has been leading the way with digital transformation, helping define the concept and realize the digital workspace as part of its mission to “offer the world’s best-integrated technology services for the secure delivery of apps and data.” Now, a new wave of change — cloud transformation — is upon us, and the secure delivery of workspaces, data, and applications to enterprise users has triggered new challenges for IT organizations. Once again, IT has to balance securing apps, data, and users while striving to  simplify and optimize end-user experience and also meet regulatory compliance mandates.

Citrix has a broad suite of solutions for the secure delivery of apps and data. With Citrix Workspace, NetScaler Application Delivery, SSL/Remote Access and SD-WAN, and ShareFile Enterprise, Citrix is uniquely positioned to help IT organizations embrace the hybrid cloud, mobility, and transformations without sacrificing security and end-user experience.  

Hybrid cloud, SaaS apps, and remote/branch architectures are redefining traditional application delivery and cloud security models. The traditional network perimeter, as we have known it for decades, is now being redefined around users, devices, and data/apps, factoring in the “user context” (device, location, access policies) for a personalized experience. This new perimeter is “software-defined,” where the encryption boundary, user identity, and user context are the primary drivers that define seamless application access and user experience. This necessitates a dramatic change to the traditional security and manageability framework.

Securing the cloud first, mobile-first enterprise means that the current model — with a smattering, combination of on-prem and cloud-based solutions for IDAM, app/user/content security, remote access, and branch security solutions — will not scale. At Citrix Synergy 2017, we will showcase a new cloud security paradigm for the software defined perimeter — that offers cloud-like simplicity with on-premises-like control. This model enables an holistic approach to security with a cloud-based control plane for remote access, IDAM, and app security while providing flexibility to apply a consistent policy framework, with contextual, federated enforcement. The slew of cloud security services integrated into the broader Citrix Cloud umbrella with  “Workspace as a Service” is the new frontier of  next-generation application delivery, security, and optimization.

Synergy 2017 attendees will also be able to see new innovations in manageability to support:

  • Hybrid and multi-cloud app infrastructure comprising mix and match of HW/SW, and cloud-native ADCs
  • End-to-end reliable, secure delivery, and optimization of mission-critical apps across a large scale branch office footprint
  • Advanced performance and security analytics to optimize, secure application infrastructure

Join us at Citrix Synergy 2017 (Orlando, Florida between May 23rd – 25th) to learn more. We look forward to welcoming you.

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