With the recent announcement that XenApp Essentials Service is now available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace, we have received great feedback from customers interested in the new service. We’ve put together this FAQ to help determine if XenApp Essentials Service is right for your business.

XenApp Essentials – What you need to know

What is XenApp Essentials Service?

XenApp Essentials Service is the easiest and fastest way to securely deliver Windows apps from Microsoft Azure Cloud to any device. With XenApp Essentials, you get industry leading XenApp technology with a simplified cloud based management console that enables you to rapidly provision Windows business applications to any device, including Windows, iOS, Mac and Android devices.

How do I purchase XenApp Essentials Service?

You can purchase XenApp Essentials Service directly from the Azure Marketplace for a minimum of 25 users using your Microsoft Azure account. As part of the XenApp Essentials on boarding process, you will also be required to create a unique Citrix Cloud account at https://onboarding.cloud.com to complete the transaction*. Please make sure you enter accurate information for all details including address fields to ensure your order can be processed.

*Note: at this time your XenApp Essentials Citrix Cloud account cannot be affiliated with an existing XenApp and XenDesktop service or XenDesktop Essentials service entitlement.

Can I evaluate XenApp Essentials before I buy?

The easiest way to evaluate XenApp Essentials is to review our demo video:

At this time, XenApp Essentials trials are only available to current Microsoft Azure RemoteApp customers at this time. Current Azure RemoteApp customers can register for a trial here. Citrix will evaluate each request and reach out to customers as the trial is available to them.

Customers can easily purchase a 25-user subscription for one month through the Azure Marketplace. The service is pro-rated for the month based on the start date of the subscription.

Do I need a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) to purchase XenApp Essentials?

No, Microsoft Enterprise Agreements are not required to purchase XenApp Essentials. Customers with pay-as-you-go Azure subscriptions can purchase XenApp Essentials as well.

How much does XenApp Essentials cost?

XenApp Essentials is available in the Azure Marketplace starting at $12 per user per month. You can purchase XenApp Essentials for as few as 25 users on a monthly basis. The service will auto-renew on a monthly basis until you cancel. The cloud based solution and monthly term makes it highly attractive for customers looking to avoid large capex expenses and long term commitments.


  1. Requires 25 user minimum. Includes NetScaler Gateway Service with 1 GB Data transfer per user per month.  Additional NetScaler Gateway Service 25 GB Data transfer Add-on available for $12 per pack per month.
  2. Available from Azure Marketplace when purchasing XenApp Essentials. Please consult your Microsoft representative to bring your own RDS CAL.

What are the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) license requirements?

The Citrix XenApp Essentials offering accesses Windows Server remote session capabilities that would typically require RDS User CALs. RDS CALs are licensed along with Windows Server software, separately from Microsoft Azure, and require minimum 12-month commitments. For the convenience of customers subscribing to the Citrix XenApp Essentials service via Azure Marketplace, Microsoft will charge a Remote Access Fee for each registered user (current price is $6.25 per user per month), which will enable you to use Citrix XenApp Essentials on Azure, without needing to purchase separate RDS CALs for this workload. However, if you have already purchased RDS User CALs with Software Assurance, and wish to use these licenses with this workload on Azure, then please contact your Microsoft representative.

How am I billed for XenApp Essentials Service?

Your bill for XenApp Essentials usage will appear directly on your Microsoft Azure bill (along with any RDS license charges required by Microsoft. See questions above for details).  When you purchase XenApp Essentials, you are enlisting for a month-to-month subscription and will be automatically charged for the remainder of the month.  You can change the number of users and NetScaler Gateway data transfer add-ons each month.  Your XenApp Essentials subscription renews automatically at the end of each month unless canceled.

Please note: When ordering XenApp Essentials service through the Azure Marketplace, you will be charged immediately for the first month upon purchase.

Can I use Azure Credits or Azure Monetary Commitment for XenApp Essentials?

You can use Azure Monetary Commitment and/or Azure Credits to pay for the Remote Access fee and the Azure infrastructure associated with the virtual application workload for XenApp Essentials, i.e. the virtual Windows Server instances hosting your published app in Azure. However, Azure Monetary Commitment or Azure Credits cannot be used for the XenApp Essentials service charges or optional NetScaler Gateway add-on packs.

For additional information on XenApp Essentials Service visit citrix.com/XenApp-Essentials.

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