Back when we first announced the Cost Calculator, we were working on several features integral to modeling the costs of deploying Citrix XenApp on Microsoft Azure. We’re pleased to share that we have released those features … and many more.

The Cost Calculator now has the ability to:

  1. Save and compare cost estimates with an Azure AD account
  2. Export cost estimates in PDF format
  3. View rates and costs in 24 different currencies
  4. View cost breakdown by individual Citrix component (i.e. Delivery Controller, NetScaler, etc.)

In addition, we have included support for configuring:

  1. VDI workloads (hence the inclusion of “and XenDesktop”)
  2. Additional Azure regions (UK, India, Canada, etc.)
  3. Azure Hybrid Use Benefit pricing
  4. Citrix VDA user density limit customization

Furthermore, we have added the following pages:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Contact Us

Many of these new features were developed due to customer feedback, so we’d love to hear yours! Visit the Contact Us page or use the comments section below to start a conversation with our team.

Access the calculator at

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