Is your Citrix certification expiring? Don’t lose your Partner status and incentives!

Did you know that maintaining your certification status can create up to 37% in potential up-front discounts and back-end payments?

Take advantage of #CitrixPartnerLove with the new Citrix Education recertification program to uphold your Citrix Partner incentives.

The new recertification program provides partners with two options to recertify:

  1. Attend the associated Instructor-led training. By taking the associated course, you will not be required to take or pass the exam. OR
  2. Take and pass the required exam.

Our recertification program applies to all of our current certifications. For a complete list of the certifications one may recertify with by attending the associated Instructor-led training course, please visit:

Benefits of maintaining your certification include:

Up to 37% in potential up-front discounts and back-end payments coming from:

  • Preserving your company’s current medallion level or Specialist status
  • Citrix Advisor Rewards on Virtualization opportunities
  • Net New Partner Source on Virtualization product orders

Get re-certified to ensure you don’t miss out on the financial incentives and continued Partner benefits. For questions on your organization’s partner status, please visit the Specialist Progress Manager on Citrix Partner Central.

Ask to speak with a Citrix Education representative today!

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