You’ve probably experienced days when life heaps piles of lemons on you. Whether those lemons come in the form of coffee spilling into your keyboard or your car running out of gas on your way to work, you still have to take them and make lemonade.

If you have to pull out cash or deposit checks on these difficult days, you may not want to leave the house to go to the bank branch or even speak with an associate. Banks analysts recognize such situations by evaluating use patterns, service needs, customer demographics, and maintenance costs. Their analyses have led some banks to completely close branch offices in order to maintain business efficiency and serve the needs of people on the go.

How can banks meet these needs? Take a look at ING Direct Italy.

As the world’s largest direct bank, ING Direct Italy wanted to bring its low-fee, high-value services to customers by opening a nationwide network of economical branch bank spaces with only ATMs and web terminals. However, new bank branches bring high maintenance costs and slow IT implementation. A Citrix solution was selected to form the foundation for a new IT infrastructure that allows ING Direct Italy’s IT staff to improve the branch offices’ time-to-value.

Branch offices can be set up quickly and easily. The bank’s IT staff now manages a single instance of each application and uses virtualization to deploy the apps for online and offline use. This reduces cost, time, and complexity.

The bank realized five new benefits from its new solution, one of which was that the cost of application management will decrease by up to 50 percent. Discover the other benefits! Read more about how Citrix technology empowered this bank to establish its scalable network of bank branches here.

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