What’s the key to big product sales? Great services.

In fact, Citrix partners who excel at delivering services sell 40% more product in the first 12 months alone. 1

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce we’re empowering all our partners to sell and deliver services like never before—so we can win together, on an even greater scale.

Our new 2-tiered Services Delivery Program gives our partners access to Citrix-developed delivery guides, tools, training and assistance, as well as a huge opportunity to be recognized and rewarded for your services success.

Introducing Services Delivery Kits

We’ve created our Services Delivery Kits based on years of Citrix Consulting experience and Intellectual Property. Each kit contains everything it takes to deliver our most popular Citrix services (e.g. infrastructure assessment), including ‘how-to’ guidance, video tutorials, scope documents and useful templates.

And that’s just the basics. The kits include a host of extra features, from targeted training in customer engagement, to assistance from Citrix Consulting, and much more.

In today’s cloud-based world, Citrix products are constantly evolving—and so will our Services Delivery Kits. You won’t have to work to modify templates and content as updates are released; our kits will automatically be modernized to reflect the latest versions, and include new product lines.

The bottom line? Delivering great, repeatable services just got simple. And when our partners do a great job, we’re committed to shouting about it…

Introducing Services Delivery Certification

Services Delivery Certification is a new mark of distinction for our most talented partners.

Getting certified lets you prove your services delivery expertise to customers, while giving you access to a wealth of exclusive advantages and rewards—from increased prominence on our Partner Locator, to opportunities to join the Citrix Virtual Bench, and work to create an even better experience for Citrix customers.

Explore more benefits and find out exactly what it takes to get certified for services delivery here.

Sharing the knowledge. Sharing the success.

Our Services Delivery Program is a powerful new way we can win together. It’s been in the works for a little while and I’m excited to finally be able to share it with you.

We’ve designed both Services Delivery Kits and Services Delivery Certification to deliver a huge amount of value to our partners and to our customers—in this blog post, I’ve barely been able to scratch the surface.

You’ll find much more information on our Services Delivery Program page.

1 TechValidate Survey (Citrix Sponsored, Internal), 2014

Craig Stilwell, Worldwide VP of Partner Sales & Strategy, has more than 23 years of technology experience, including more than 17 years at Citrix, most recently serving as Area Vice President of our U.S. Commercial business responsible for all sales and products in the U.S. Commercial segment. Previously, Craig served in several roles at Citrix, notably as Vice President of Americas Channel Sales & Field Operations.

Connect with him on Twitter: @CraigTStilwell

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