Cloud adoption is a matter of when, not if.

What is often overlooked is how migrating apps to Cloud or adopting  business applications as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) will impact the enterprise WAN. In a recent survey conducted by EMA Research, they discovered that public cloud services were driving up to 44% of the traffic on some networks. Adding internet traffic to this compounds the amount of data heading out of the enterprise perimeter. Even companies that have already taken advantage of hybrid WAN connectivity and SD-WAN solutions are looking at strategies to deal with the growth of cloud and internet traffic, increasingly reorienting their WAN to be cloud-first and not datacenter focused.

Citrix is helping enterprises move to the cloud and adopt SaaS with the latest release for the NetScaler SD-WAN platform. 

Citrix is helping enterprises prepare for this change with the latest release for the NetScaler SD-WAN platform. The new capabilities of NetScaler SD-WAN allow enterprises like yours to build secure connections directly from the branch to the cloud. By identifying and offloading internet and cloud traffic, you can eliminate the need to backhaul traffic to the datacenter, without sacrificing reliability, and improve the user experience while enhancing your security profile.

With this recent release, which is now generally available, we’ve introduced an integrated zone-based, stateful firewall into NetScaler SD-WAN and enhanced application identification for SaaS applications and websites. Combined with the best virtual WAN technology built on real-time path selection, enterprise-grade routing and WAN Optimization services in NetScaler SD-WAN, this creates the most powerful integrated WAN Edge solution on the market.

Now building secure connections to Microsoft Azure VPC instances, expanded offerings to connect to Amazon Web Services, and directly reaching thousands of different SaaS applications from the branch is at your fingertips. For highly security conscious enterprises, segregating different types of data across those connections, limiting what applications and sites your users can access, and building application policies can all be configured from the same centralized and intuitive GUI.

But secure cloud and SaaS access directly from the branch is just one of the benefits provided by the latest release of NetScaler SD-WAN.

It also includes:

  • Simplified configuration and policy definition, making building an SD-WAN network straightforward and intuitive
  • Expanded application identification, including over 4000 applications.  The latest release event allows for identifying sub-applications (i.e. Exchange traffic within Office365), regardless of whether they’re encrypted
  • Application usage reports to help administrators understand which applications are in use and easy access to firewall and application policies for those applications
  • A cloud appliance for Microsoft Azure, so that connections to applications hosted in Azure can be as reliable as connections to the datacenter
  • Expansion of the Zero Touch Deployment service, speeding up deployment time and eliminating the need for technical personnel on site
  • Expanded ways to connect to partners such as Zscaler for additional cloud-based security services
  • New appliances with wide bandwidth ranges, enabling cost-effective bandwidth growth and protecting your investment
  • The industry’s most comprehensive solution for wireless and satellite links, including new features to provide support for satellite links with unpredictable bandwidth levels
  • Doubling the number of sites that can be managed with a single instance of a NetScaler SD-WAN controller

Check back over the next few weeks, as we’ll be publishing a series of posts exploring all the new capabilities available to help you make your WAN application-aware and ready to adapt as you move to  SaaS and migrate to the cloud

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