Business Continuity — a term that includes High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) when used in the context of IT planning and enterprise architecture — is not the first thing that attracts customers to Citrix Cloud. In fact, many Citrix Cloud subscribers initially do not use that term at all (at least not until we have a conversation with them).

Then there is an AHA! moment: Realization that Citrix Cloud provides the unexpected benefit of protection from IT-induced business interruptions.

Customers evaluating Citrix Cloud most often tell us that they want to:

  • Let employees work from anywhere;
  • Manage multiple locations;
  • Support remote offices while minimizing the security risk and time consuming maintenance of server sprawl;
  • Keep pace with escalating business demands such as an expanding workforce;
  • Dispense with the hassles and cost of renewing perpetual licenses or living with outdated software;
  • Modernize an aging IT infrastructure; and,
  • Turn to the cloud to avoid expensive capital investments.

The above IT objectives can all be met with Citrix Cloud. At the same time, characteristics of the Citrix Cloud architecture directly enhance business continuity preparedness. This is achieved by maximizing uptime of critical applications and systems – the HA part.

And Citrix Cloud services run on a highly-available and globally-distributed infrastructure. Plus, our unique flexibility lets customers deploy resources in a public, private or hybrid cloud – or multiple clouds – or completely on-premises in one or more physical data centers. The result is optimal resiliency – the DR part.

High Availability

Citrix mobile workspace technologies securely deliver apps, desktops, and documents on any device, over any network. Our reputation was built on pioneering and perfecting these capabilities. But delivered as managed services through Citrix Cloud, the benefits are amplified. Citrix manages the software; from routine updates to version upgrades. Citrix Cloud customers worry less about configurations, installs, or upgrade complications causing frustration and lost productivity.

Disaster Recovery

Citrix Cloud can easily manage multiple resource locations across multiple data centers or clouds or a hybrid of both – making it easier to manage primary and secondary availability locations. The distributed nature of this approach eliminates single point failure risk and ensures continuous operation of compute, networking, storage. If an incident does occur, Citrix Cloud helps get apps and data quickly up and running again.

When the dots are connected, the Citrix Cloud Business Continuity Advantage becomes apparent.

A new video explains in two minutes where Citrix Cloud fits into a comprehensive Business Continuity plan. For expert advice on shaping a holistic plan, read the Citrix whitepaper, “Guidelines for Maintaining Business Continuity for Your Organization.”  For more information or to schedule a Citrix Cloud demonstration, contact your Citrix account manager or Citrix partner, or email us at